Adam Scott and his Sexy Tennis Girlfriend Ana Ivanovic




It seems that this year PGA tour is all about the Aussie golfer and his gorgeous ladies, Adam Scott is the young and very handsome 32-year-old golfer who is ruling in Augusta, but who rules Adam’s heart? girlfriend? is he dating someone in 2012?

Well, he was  dating the hot Serbian tennis player  Ana Ivanovic, but they split up AGAIN early this year.

25-year-old Ana Ivanovic began to date Adam Scott in the early months of 2010, they split up in September of that same year, got back together they following year, but split up once again. It was reported Ana and Adam tried to make things work a third time in 2012 but by January of this year, they decided to go their separate ways.

This is what Adam once said about him not dating Ana..

“It was disappointing that Ana and I are longer together, and it was tough when her and I broke-up,” said Scott.

“It wasn’t always easy seeing we both had our respective sporting careers. But in the time we had together we had a great time and I really enjoyed her company.

“Ana is an amazing person and an amazing tennis player, too. I learned a lot from being in her company.”

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