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Meet the one and only Amy Reimann, she is the beautiful girlfriend/ fiance and soon to be wife of Dale Earnhardt Jr.?? and is about Ms. Reimann who we are going to tell you all about.


Amy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend pictureAmy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend-pics

31-year-old Amy Reimann  was born on March 25, 1982 in  Texas to 52-year-old Jeffrey and 51-year-old Anna Reinmann. Amy was once known as Amy Cook the reason is because she was married to 31-year-old Tommy Cook former University of Kentucky’s wide receiver now assistant director of Football operations at his alma mater.

Tommy Cook Amy Reimann picTommy Cook Amy Reimann picsTommy Cook Amy Reimann pictureThe UK football team fell to Mississippi State 28-16 on Saturday, October 29, 2011, at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Ky.<br />

Tommy and Amy met in college where he was an outstanding football player and she was a sexy cheerleader with the Wildcat Danzers, the young couple got married, but soon their marriage came to an end. Some people suggested Amy was still married to Cook when she met and began to date Dale, What do you know about that? Check what a friend of Cook and his father said about that..

Bo Mallette, who was best man at Cook’s wedding to Reimann, claimed on the record to the Enquirer that Earnhardt and Reimann had a relationship while she was still married to Cook: “Amy got involved with Dale Earnhardt while she was still married to Tommy. Their marriage didn’t even last two years.”

Cook’s father, Tommy, Sr., also told the Enquirer: “My son’s not talking about this. All I can say is that your (Enquirer) story’s true. Amy and Dale have been involved for awhile. My boy’s over it, he’s moved on. But what happened between Amy and Dale was wrong.”


Dale denied any wrongdoing doing an interview at Richmond International Raceway in April, 2010

Amy Reimann got  BS in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky in 2005 ,the following year Amy became project coordinator- interiors at Wakefield Beasley & Associates she left that job in 2009 and by 2010 2010 she was Micamy Design Studio’s Director  of Studio in Charlotte.


Amy Reimann Dale Earnhardt jr girlfriend fiance pic

Amy Reimann met  Earnhardt Jr. while she was hired to do some interior design work at his home and began to date him since 2010, they couple made their first public appearance at the 2011 NASCAR awards.

Amy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend photoAmy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend-picnascar sprint cup series awards ceremony 031211


The National Enquirer published a story where they said Dale and Amy were engaged and planning to get married by the end on 2012, according to the Enquirer Amy had given a deadline to Dale..

“Amy told Dale she wasn’t going to be kept waiting in the wings forever. She told him she wants to get married after the current racing season is over and have a baby next year. There was no way Dale could say no since he can’t stand the thought of losing her.”

Amy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend-picturesAmy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend photosAmy-Reimann-Dale-Earnhardt-jr-girlfriend-photos

But once again it was the famous race car driver who denied the engagement, however he did made an statement about his girlfriend Amy Reimann’s role in his life..

“I’m glad Amy was here to celebrate with me.  It means a lot. She’s a good girl, and we’ve had a good relationship. She’s a strength. I’ve got a lot of good people around me right now, and I feel like the people that I do spend my time around make me a better person-definitely a lot better person than I was years ago. It’s working out.”

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  1. Sasha Burlington says

    I’m glad that in this “article” actually a compilation of many other articles, at least the adultery is mentioned and brought to the surface. The dates given for them starting to date is WAY off. 2008 is when they hooked up, prior to her filing for divorce. In fact the one pic of the October Charlotte Race in 2008, her and two of her friends… was the same weekend of the Charity event, where he/she were spotted acting like bf/gf. yes, it’s been almost 5 years (some say Summer 2008) was when they actually got together… ) and everytime an article comes out about him marrying her, he shouts NO. I think that she probably thought that by now, she would have the ring, afterall she left her marriage for him. Don’t know if that will ever happen.

  2. Donna Reese says

    I’m sure he was in no hurry because his dad was on third wife by his age. The fact she was married (probably when they met) before also plays a part too I’m sure but by now he should be sure. Maybe they can just be happy without marriage like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

  3. Kathy Kennedy says

    Who cares when they met or when and if they get married? It is truly no ones business. We have always been a fan of Jr’s and we love how he races and treats his fans with respect. It is what it is. People should leave them alone. Just because Dale is a famous Nascar driver and Amy is a model/Interior designer, they should not be harassed by the media at all. I don’t see the media attacking ordinary plp and making them a specktical, so leave the celebrities alone. Love you Jr!

    • Cathy Adams says

      AMEN to that! It truly is NO ONE’S business but the two of them. Just because Dale Jr. is a celebrity and we all feel like we know him, the fact of the matter is that we fans do not. We only know what he allows us to know and see about him. That’s it. He is entitled to his privacy, as is Amy. I don’t know anyone that would like to have their private life splashed across the media or to be judged by people that don’t even know them. I certainly wouldn’t. I believe the only judge that truly matters is the one we face at the end of our life on earth. We should all amend our own behavior and live properly before exercising judgment and helping others to do the same. No one is perfect on this earth. Certainly not me. I congratulate Dale Jr. and Amy on their engagement. I hope they have a lifetime of happiness however they choose to live. I am just grateful that they allow us in just a bit.

  4. says

    as long as they’re happy and they sure seem to be I read an article with her ex’s dad who his son has moved on so just like Kathy Kennedy said so what leave him alone oh yeah and go Jr congratulations 2 time: Daytona 500 champ

  5. melissa pappas says

    Well I just hope She does not cheat on Dale like She did Her Ex Husband,, Once a Cheater always a Cheater,, And it looks to Me like She is confused about what identity She wants to have,, Blonde,, Redhead,, Brunette, And even Black hair,, is She hiding from what She truly is, or hiding from something else,, I donot trust Her at all,,,,

  6. Bonnie says

    Things happen and not everyone should be together forever. I think Dale has been with her long enough to know her and knows if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her or not. He doesn’t strike me as anyone’s fool, so people just mind your own business and leave them to their own life. I wish them luck and love and a very long life together.

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