Brazilian Miss BumBum Andressa Urach- Cristiano Ronaldo’s Affair

Hotel Villa Magna Andressa Urach Cristiano Ronaldo affair


Hotel Villa Magna Andressa Urach Cristiano Ronaldo affair

We met Andressa Urach, was just one step from becoming Brazil’s best Butt,  but she lost the title to Carine Felizardo who prove to have the best butt.

Andressa Urach miss bumbum picAndressa Urach miss bumbum picsAndressa Urach miss bumbum picture

so I guess Brazil Miss Bum Bum 2012’  runner-up found a way to make her name back into the news by claiming she had a steamy affair, well more like a one night stand with Real Madrid’s Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo who is dating the ultra hot Russian model Irina Shayk. But is Urach telling the truth, did Ronaldo heated on Irina, or is this Andressa looking to free publicity at the Portuguese’s expense?

According to media Andressa Urach claimed she slept with Cristiano after they exchanged texts, followed by  video chat via Skype, she said that she decided to give Cristiano a shot in bed because “He was obsessed with her butt”, but she didn’t regret as a matter of fact she loved it!.

“It was incredible, his body’s perfect, like a Greek god. He went on for hours and would not stop talking about my butt. I have always thought Cristiano is one of the most gorgeous men in the world, so I couldn’t believe it when he got in touch with me.”

“He said he was very excited by my pictures online and one of the first things he asked was if I really was a Miss Butt Brazil model.

“He knows Brazilian women have some of the best butts in the world, so he was very impressed by that! We exchanged texts and spoke a few times.

“He wouldn’t stop making comments about my butt. He wanted to know if it was all natural which — of course — it is. He called me ‘little horse’ and told me he had ‘dreamed of that bum last night’.”

Cristiano and Urach’s alleged tryst happened on April 22nd at one of the suites in the s Villa Magna hotel, she got there waited in the lobby and waited for Cristiano, who alleged got there in a gray Audi, parked in the underground parking lot and went up in a private elevator, one in the room, he texted Andrea with the room number.

“We looked at each other and, just like that, we were all over each other. He is fantastic.

“It was incredible — the best time of my life. His body is perfect, like something from the gods. He is so ripped — there isn’t an ounce of fat on his body.

“I can barely believe it. I have never been with anyone like him. He smelled like heaven and kept going for hours. And, yes, he is very ‘gifted’.”

After or sometime their sex session inside the room  Andrea said Ronaldo also talked to her about his not so serious relationship with Irina.

“Cristiano told me to come to Madrid and that we’d meet, but he would not tell me where or when exactly.

“He said he had to be careful because if it came out that he’d seen me, his girlfriend wouldn’t be happy. They are together, but he told me the relationship wasn’t serious. He didn’t say anything else about her.”

After the affair of the day was over she said Ronaldo told her to wait for him in a public area of the hotel before he texted her that he had to leave, she said she went outside the hotel for a cigarette but a security guard demanded her to step inside to avoid the press attention.

“I was a little annoyed. I walked out of the front entrance for a cigarette and a security guard immediately grabbed me and took me back inside, saying photographers were outside.

“Cristiano then texted again, he told me to go back up to the room as he had something to tell me.

But he was not in the room, to Andressa’s surprise two other guys arrived in his place.

“I was confused but went up. He wasn’t there. Two security guys from the hotel then arrived and he called me, saying Press were outside and I had to stay in the room.

“Everything had been so wonderful — but now I was being treated like an object, like a prisoner. I even had guards outside! Eventually I got taken through a private elevator to a hotel car, snuck out of the parking garage and driven back to my hotel. It was like something from a movie.”

“I had been on Cloud Nine, but this was really upsetting. I know he is paranoid, but I felt like he was just trying to look after his own neck.  It wasn’t very comfortable for me and it was quite offensive. I don’t think I’ll be seeing him again.”

Cristiano responded to Andress’s allegations..

Cristian Ronaldo Andress Urach pic

Cristian Ronaldo Andress Urach picsCristian Ronaldo Andress Urach picture

And Manu Sainz a reporter corroborated Cristiano’s story.

Want to hear Andressa Urach’s bio?

25-year-old Andressa Urach Lotado was born in October 11, 1987 Ijui, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. Studied journalism for some time at the Faculdade Porto-Alegrense (FAPA) in Porto Alegre. She stands at 5’6” and her measurements are 34DD-24-32 she dyed her hair pink once now she is a blonde with blue eye contact lenses.

Andressa Urach sexy photoaNDRESSA URACH WIKI

Andressa who has a 10-year-old son named Arthur, she  worked as a  topless dancer at the carnival in Sao Paulo, experimented her bisexuality with Camila Vernaglia another contestant at Miss BumBum , she also said she is a theatrical actress and model. She was a runner up at the 2012 Miss BumBum Contest and was on the cover of the April issue of Sexy Magazine.

Andressa Urach son arthurandressa-urach-camila-vernagliaAndressa Urach sexy magazine

Find Andressa Urach on Twitter here, Facebook here and this is her website

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