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Jon Lester wife Farrah Lester

Meet Farrah Lester also known as Farrah Stone Johnson and this beautiful MLB WAG is the loving wife of the great pitcher with the Boston Red Sox Jon Lester, and is about  Mrs. Lester that FabWags is going to Lester you about!!

Farrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife-picsFarrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife-photosFarrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife-photoFarrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife-picFarrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife-pictures

29-year-old Jon Lester met her amazingly stunning wife in 2007 a rough time for Lester who just a year earlier was told he had a treatable form of anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Lester was Spring  training with South Carolina’s  minor baseball league Greenville Drive when he was struck by the Farrah’s beauty, that was it, there was no turning back for him, not that he wanted too.

Farrah and Jon got engaged in the Summer of 2008 and on January 9th, 2009 they got married. Farrah Lester became the proud momma of her gorgeous son Hudson in July, 2010.

Farrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife imagesFarrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife-picture

29-year-old Farrah Lester was born Farrah Stone Lester on April 17, 1984 in South Carolina, she was a nursing student when she met her husband. Farrah announced she was pregnant with baby #2 when she posted this pic in April, her due date was October 2nd.

Farrah Johnson Lester Jon Lester wife image

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