Jessie Moses- MMA champion Jon Jones’ Girlfriend/ Fiance


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Jessie Moses Jon Jones Girlfriend photo

Do you know who Jessie Moses is? Well, she is the girlfriend, fiance and mother of the gorgeous daughters of MMA fighter Jon Jones.

Do you think she agrees her boyfriend’s comments in regards Sonnen taking steroids on his whole career… Perhaps Jones was awaiting his outward show on Fuel’s “UFC Tonight” to start talking things like this.

Jesse was born in Endicott, New York. She studied at Edincott High School, it was there that while Jessie was a junior she met Jon who was a senior. They have been together ever since. After High School graduation in 2006 she went to Broome Community College in Broome County, New York.

Jessie Moses Jon Jones Girlfriend wikipedia Jessie Moses Jon Jones Girlfriend pictures Jessie Moses Jon Jones

Moses was still in school when in 2007 she found out she was heavy with child and so on July 11, 2008 Jessie gave birth to her gorgeous daughter Leah. On December 2009 Carmen Nicole Jones was born (named after Jones’ late sister 17 year-old Carmen who died of brain cancer). Their third girl Olivia Haven was born on March 4, 2013. Jessie and Jon who are currently engaged live in Ithaca, New York with their beautiful daughters.

  jon jones Jessie moses engagementjon jones Jessie moses girlfriend pics

Some facts about Jessie:

Her fav TV shows are Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters (I just like the guy from the 80`s who looks like Ken), Grey`s Anatomy (there is a sexy doctor there right? Not Clooney of course, the one with the fading beard…), and Private Practice (is this from laws)? I rather see The Law and Order, no need to follow a sequence and has been on air for centuries now and still many of us are fans. Anyways, it’s Jessie who we are talking about here. So continue reading down to get an insight.

Do you think she has taken any of the tests to see who she could be if one of DHW? Find out below…

 jon jones Jessie moses girlfriend pic Jessie Moses Jon Jones Girlfriend pics Jessie Moses Jon Jones Girlfriend pic

The FB from Jessie here.

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  1. Feel sorry for Jones, guy is a mega rich athelete, pretty good looking and has kids and gets engaged to someone who is at most a 6/10. He should be out there dating hot supermodels, bikini girls, Kate Upton type of girls if he likes the blonde white chicks. I’m not rich or an athelete but I’m banging chicks regularily who are hotter than his girl Jessie. Feel bad for the brother that he had kids with her and is now pretty much obligated to marry her and stick with her, something about her face is really off and unattractive, guess money and fame don’t always get the chicks, time to find me a new girl to bang today.

  2. She is beautiful and so are their children. They look perfect together.
    This makes Jones far richer than just the proceeds of his athleticism and worthy of even greater congratulations and respect.

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