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Tonight Mike Matheny made a lot of moves that seemed to work out just the way he wanted it to do, the pinch hitter, the change in the infield defense….. But what do you know about his wife Kristen Matheny?


I heard that sometime the two had plans for a commercial property, though, went south as the real estate bubble crashed. There were some loans, first due in 2009, were extended to 2010, according to court records. At one point Matheny and Kristin, personally guaranteed $4.2 million of the debt, including a $1 million claim on their 11-acre home in suburban Wildwood.


Ever since, Matheny and the bank have been arguing in court about how much he should pay. After this Mike Matheny was notified that he was being hired as the manager of the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals, replacing Tony LaRussa, with one caveat.


So his bank issues would be history by then and Kristen would finally sleep like a baby!


Kristen is mother of his five children(daughter Katie, and sons, Tate, Luke, Jacob and Blaise). When young, Mike and Kristin were varsity athletes at the University of Michigan, with Kristin playing field hockey. The couple was married in 1993.


Back in 2006, Kristen was her husband’s guiding hand through his recovery:

My wife is very concerned. She knows what I will play through more than anybody else. She knows the things I’ve been blessed enough to play through that I don’t know if other people would play through or not. I think she’s afraid I’m going to do that with this. She’s being very smart to let me know we have to take this slow, and she’s right, but every day it’s harder for me because there have been things worse than this to play through.


Kristen’s favorite music, among the artists are: Johny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Among her favorite books, we find Edgar Allan Poe as one writer she enjoys and one book she definitely likes is the Great Gatsby. The TV shows she enjoys are The Twilight Zone and The Office. She also plays board games such as Scrabble. She practices yoga and writes.


Kristin’s FB here.

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