Lindsey Vecchione- Chicago Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews’ Girlfriend

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Hot, hot, hot! That is the word to describe pro hockey player Jonathan Toews’ girlfriend! She is a stunning 26 year old model born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her name is Lindsey Vecchione, she was born July 8, 1987.

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It was first reported this two started their relationship back in early November last year. The Chicago Blackhawks captain star and the beautiful blond were spotted at a Rush concert and at the event Champs for charity in Chicago. Ever since their relationship got out she no longer has a Facebook or twitter, she is on instagram but private. It’s not rare at all to see famous players dating sexy models plus remember the chances of meeting increase since they attend the same kind of parties!

The item who were only friends at the time visited Misericordia for a tour and to have some fun with the residents! Needless to say hockey made its way into the event!

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It’s clear to see Lindsey’s natural talent as a model, her figure and god given voluptuous figure make Toews one lucky man although it seems they are making every effort to keep their relationship private!

But we seem to have found her on Facebook so you can see this bombshell here.

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  1. Suraya Kayano says

    Lindsey has a horrible reputation in Chicago for being a druggy, extreme jealous & a thief. That’s not something anyone should want in a woman. Not to mention she’s been passed around quite a bit and has always remained secretive about it. “Deny til you die!” All of her friends are wacko and cheat on their boyfriends. Her friend Claudine was married and divorced within a couple years in her early 20’s because her husband couldn’t tolerate how crazy she was & how many drugs she and Lindsey did all the time. All LV and her friends do is talk bad about each other behind each others backs. She’s a manipulator and would do anything to better herself and get free things. This includes, but is not limited to, lying to her friends, “borrowing” money from her boyfriends, spreading her legs at any given moment, etc. Her true colors will come out eventually. They always have in the past. JT will figure it out too & then see how crazy she can be. She plays the role of the sweet, sensitive, good girl. She is the FURTHEST thing from it.

  2. Alisanne says

    Lindsey’s long line of exes includes Justin Roman of B96 radio show “Stylez & Roman” (Justin realized what a club rat she was & broke it off), a druggie DJ named Dustin who she went on consistent drug benders on with (slept with his friend Joe Quade while dating him & also hung out with Justin numerous times while she was living with him. Cheated on Dustin repeatedly & milked him for all he had. He told his friends she was lazy & he supported all her habits while she sat on her butt all day & didn’t work), then she dated Lee Curtiss (another DJ who traveled worldwide for work. She went all over the world with him & he bought a condo for them in Chicago that Lindsey cleared out upon dumping him. All the while she was working as a bottle service girl at Studio Paris which is where she met Toews & began her little affair with him while she was still dating Lee. Lee came home, his condo was empty, credit card maxed out & Lindsey moved on. Hand to God- true story.) in between all this she was working at Market Sportsbar where she and a girl who she is no longer friends with (Christina Waterloo) were always posting pics of themselves at the Trump Tower where their married boss lived. He soon after was caught cheating with not one BUT BOTH girls… Which ended their friendship and his marriage.

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