Lynn Munday Marshall is Wichita State Gregg Marshall’s Wife


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Lynn Marshall Gregg Marshall wife

Marshall was a first-class young coach with a bright future as he led 16th-seeded Winthrop, one and done in the 1999 competition. Coach Gregg Marshall (whose wife is ) can”t linger to get the Shockers to Los Angeles for the West Regional.

His team meets No. 13 La Salle in Thursday night”s battle of NCAA unnoticed underdogs.

Two wins in the West earns one team a voyage to the Final Four.

A successively subject was once Marshall”s wife, Lynn, having a crush on then-UCLA coach Steve Lavin. It was luck that UCLA was also playing in Indianapolis.

Lavin was standing in the hotel reception and Lynn Marshall wasn”t there to see his hubby.

Previous to the game, in the locker room, Marshall wrote on the chalkboard:

Five guys building a wall.

marshall-greg pic

Auburn knocked down the wall by the concluding score of 80-41.

Lynn Marshall, was seen watching training while trying to keep Kellen contained, insists she does not have a crush on Steve Lavin despite the fact that she admits,

He is a nice-looking guy.

steve lavin pic

Lynn wonders what this season will do to go forward her husband”s job. Gregg and Lavin are about the same age, thus far Lavin landed one of the exceptional posts in college when UCLA fired Jim Harrick.

For Gregg, it”s been a extensive road just to get to Winthrop.

Lynn says:

That”s the way it is in this business.

ncaa pic

Marshall gathers the squad in the hotel restaurant for a concluding film session.

Marshall says:

Tomorrow, you go out and make history. Quite frankly, I”d say it”s 50-50. Every year it happens. This year it could be you.


Afterwards, UCLA Coach Steve Lavin waited in the vestibule. Lynn Marshall is nowhere in the picture.

Marshall explains how significant the NCAA tournament is in the United States.

Bubbles, four months ago, what would you have been doing on a random Thursday afternoon?

wichita team pic

Marshall picks up a bit of chalk and writes:

Five guys building a wall.

O, strength, smarts, composure.


Team of firsts.


Marshall is peaceful in the locker room, in spite of Winthrop”s 15 first-half turnovers.

He says,

You can bow your heads, come back and fight, chip away and get back in the game, minute by minute. Or toss it in and get beat by 40. The choice is yours.


Gregg is married to the formerly Lynn Munday of Bellingham, Washington, who earned her master”s degree from the College of Charleston where she was a guard/ forward at the women”s basketball team.

Lynn Munday Marshall Gregg Marshall wife

Lynn was a basketball player at the 1989 NAIA basketball tournament when she met her hubby, who was at that time a young Charleston assistant.

Lynn and Gregg Marshall got married in 1994.They are today the proud parents of a their 8-year-old son, Kellen, and their little 5-year-old princess, Maggie.

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