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Born December 1, 1962; Pamela McGee was made for success. She is not only a retired professional women’s basketball player for the Sacramento Monarchs and Los Angeles Sparks but at age 52 she is also the star of her own reality show.

But let’s take it back in time for a bit, McGee has two children. daughter, Imani, and son JaVale, yup! She is the first WNBA player to have a child play in the NBA, referring to JaVale who plays with the Denver Nuggets and signed a $44 million, four-year contract. Her daughter also plays basketball for the University of Texas at Austin. Her family has gene running through their veins.


The former WNBA player and coach from Flint, Michigan; McGee was a standout basketball player at USC, winning NCAA titles in 1983 and ’84, before graduating with degrees in economics and communications. She earned a gold medal at the ’84 Olympics. But back in 1987, McGee was 24, alone and struggling with the prospect of juggling a newborn while continuing her professional basketball career. JaVale’s father was no longer a part of her life. By leaning on her faith, she found her way.

By 2008, more than two decades after the fateful day in church, McGee basked in the glory of her decision to become a parent as her son, JaVale McGee, was drafted by the Wizards in the first round of the 2008 NBA draft. That selection created the first WNBA-NBA mother-son duo in history. Since then, Pamela has remained behind the scenes, guiding JaVale’s career as his financial manager. According to her Facebook page, she studied finance and communications at University of Southern California.


Like any business relationship, heads often collide. Pamela is working on recognizing when to be a mom and when to be a financial manager.

But not everything has been exactly easy ever since. In 1996, McGee and her husband of two years, Reverend Kevin Stafford, divorced. A highly publicized custody battle ensued over the couple’s young daughter, Imani, JaVale’s half sister.

Then, in 2000, the elder McGee defeated her toughest opponent to date: breast cancer. She’s in complete remission and chooses not to dwell on how long she has been cancer-free.

But now the thought-spirited momma, can focus on her show aired last weekend, called “Mom’s got game.” Don’t miss their latest squabbles as she juggles life with family and her famous son.

Follow Pamela on twitter here and find her on Facebook here.

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  1. Hello I’m Michael Baxter from Montgomery Alabama born and raised country boy I was just watching the show on Oprahs show OWN. The name of the show is Momma Got Game I really enjoyed watching it ,it really touched me and I wish you guys much success on the show and in life as well. Holla back if possible and God bless you all.

    • Love to meet you Miss.Pam McGee one of these days.

      • Watching the show is delightful. Pam and her friends appear to be so down to earth. The fact that Pam gave her Manny a second chance in life is so wonderful to me, helping others is something I truly believe in. To watch a show that is positive and not giving into sex and ignorance on T.V. is great. Pam is tall and sexy middle age and won’t give in to any Joe is something our young girls need to see. You go Pam and the girls. 55 yrs, F, Chicago.

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