Patrick Mouratoglou- Serena Williams’ Boyfriend

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serena williams-boyfriend

As his birthday is just around the corner, we ask ourselves what will Serena Williams give her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou??? He was born June 8, 1970 in France. He has worked with many up and comer players upon founding his tennis academy in 1996. Some of the names he’s coached in the past include Marcos Baghdatis, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Aravane Rezaï, Jérémy Chardy, Laura Robson and most recently; as of June 2012 Serena Williams, became his trainee.

Apparently Patrick was once seen as a promising youth tennis player, however it never translated to any professional exposure. Mouratoglou studied at USPTR Professional and resides in Thiverval- Grignon. He is a monthly contributor for several tennis magazines, as well as blogs all over Europe (Eurosport) and Yahoo Sports in the US. He is also an author, in 2007 he wrote a book titled “Educate To Win”

Funny thing is according to his Facebook page the husband and father is still listed as “married” doesn’t he know he needs to update his status?? His wife is Clarisse Mourataglou, mother of his two daughters, Charlotte and Juliett.

Clarisse Mouratoglou Patrick  Mouratoglou wife pic Clarisse Mouratoglou Patrick  Mouratoglou wife

But moving on, the couple started working together right after Serena’s exit from the 2012 French Open. With Mouratoglou’s coaching, she got back to the game and to a Wimbledon title, followed by a Wimbledon doubles title, a 2012 London Olympic gold medal, and of course the 2012 US Open title. It was as if she found what she was missing! Love??? They have been photographed holding hands and embracing in the streets of Paris since last year so maybe all the success inspired them you know. The big question here is, if Serena caused him to split or if he was separated already.

SerenaPatrickserena williams-boyfriend-patrick-mouratoglouSerenaPatrick2patrick mouratoglou facebook

The 43 year old coach gave back tennis glory to Serena and he is surely excited about it, on his twitter account if the first thing you read:

Coach of Serena Williams, Head Coach Mouratoglou Tennis Academy-Paris, Blog writer for Yahoo, Eurosport and Tennis magazines. TV Consultant on Eurosport.

Serena Williams boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou pic Serena Williams boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou pics Serena Williams boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou picture Serena Williams boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou

See this relationship going somewhere??

You can follow him on twitter here, Facebook here and his website here.

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    • Jason says

      Agree with CHANTAL but I think Serena will leave this old man as soon as retires from playing tennis, right now she just wants to win slams under his guidance, the relationship thing is just added bonus.

  1. Karen Mosley says

    I have always enjoy Serena and Venus play tennis through their years , I feel Serena has the right to b happy I do not agree in dating married men that is something bettween she and the LORD!!! I!m not here. To judge I wish her the best.

    • georgina says

      Bien dis karen je suis de votre avis bonne chance Serena et soit heureuse avec ton Patrick tant pis pour les aigris

  2. TB says

    How is she a homewrecker? I’m sorry but if this were the case don’t you think his wife would have commented by now. These are all speculations and assumptions. I’m starting to believe the marriage ended a long time ago and no one knew.

  3. Darian D. Dessi says

    My goodness! if that man is only 43 and looks that OLD, well, I would NOT want to see him at 53. Serena has become a DISGRACE! Like her African-american male counterparts, she hates herself and her race, because she has become rich!

    • Ollie says

      Serena be happy where you can fine it, race doesn’t matter. This is a one on one relationship. Serena is very possible about her self awareness and her race.

    • Bonnie says

      That is a stupid comment makes no sense at all. Only God can pass judgment. Who cares so many other things to be concerned about.

  4. maria says

    Serena Hold on to him whether its your boyfriend or not. He is handsome and hot. People should mind their own business. Especially that Sharapova she probably want to have left overs from you as she did by dating Grigor Dimitrov.

    • georgina says

      Oui Maria je suis d’accord accroche toi ma belle Blanc ou noir on s’en tape l’essentiel c’est d’être heureuse fonce

  5. Karen Mosley says

    I feel Sharapova should have her mind on winning more grand slams I feel she is bitter because she has not beat Serena since 2004 and it has gotten in her head she gives that funny fake smile but for real she has no love 4 her and this was her chance 2 bring out Sharapova u would not b where u are today , coming 2 America was your ticket out of poverty.

  6. mahadeva says

    Let’s not forget what prompted Sharapova’s comments on the affair that Serena was having with a married man! It was Serena who started the whole thing by commenting on Maria’s boyfriend in a very negative way. Could there be jealousy on the part of Williams where Maria is concerned considering that Maria is a natural beauty and Serena is jealous of her? I think so.

  7. Allen says

    Sharapova is a natural beauty? hahahahaha, don’t make me laugh! Each to their own, Black people’s version of beauty is vastly different from what Caucasians consider beautiful. In any case, Sharapova doesn’t look feminine at all, she has no hips, ass, or breasts. You can’t tell the difference between her front and back sides. She needs implants, her broad shoulders are huge and she’s 7 foot tall. I doubt a real man wants that, may be if she turns into Kim Khardashian lol


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