Taylor Higgins: MLB Chipper Jones’ Playboy Girlfriend




Major League Baseball (MLB) Chipper Jones went through divorce from his second wife recently. Besides, the Atlanta Braves star is leaving a big legacy and making his way into his retirement. But he’s got very good company.

The eight-time All-Star’s hot girlfriend is Taylor Higgins. She is best known by her nickname Lexi Ray, a Playboy cam girl who has posed for nude photos on countless occasions. Many people accuse her of being the cause of Jones’ recent divorce. His first two marriages fell apart after cheating scandals. He officially divorced his wife of 12 years, Sharon Logonov, on November 16.

Chipper Jones famously fathered a child after having an affair with a Hooters waitress while he was married to his first wife, Karin Fulford. He has three more sons with his second wife, Sharon.

20-something Taylor Higgins is from San Diego, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Reportedly, she is a mother as well. Taylor, aka Lexi Ray, posed for Playboy, she also “specialized in naked shower videos” and “run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots.”

Lexi Ray has tweeted many photos of herself at Altanta Braves games and also posted a photo of herself on a date with Chipper the day after he made the divorce announcement.

Her Twitter account @LexiRay21 was active until July 25 last year. Her new twitter account is here

Follow Chipper on Twitter here.

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