Who is Auburn and Heisman Trophy Candidate Tre Mason’s Girlfriend?




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As if!!!! #1 football player Tre Mason and the cuttest thing has an official girlfriend or maybe not..?

There is al lot of rumoring around town about Tre`s GF, but at the end of the day, there is no exact source or at least a truthful one so I might not even say names, and I don’t know either….

I just have heard that this guy is a womanizer……But who blames him? I mean, I don’t want to sound sexist or whatsoever but he got the looks, he got the bling, he got the fame….so it is not bizarre to think the man is made of stone!

Have you seen those thighs?!!! Damn!! they are  pure rock! this dude is so hard and stiff….;) Jezzz….I would be one standing on the line to date him at least once!

This guy is pure dynamite!

Did you know he also got the softy side? He loves animals! So sweet…

But ehem, again, the good stuff, I’ve seen pics of him on many parties…..ice cube……hot chicks in hot pants! If you know what I mean…and they ain’t no hooters….

See more on his stats here….

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