Who is Calvin Johnson Girlfriend?


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What can we say…so far we investigate we still can’t give a resolution to the dilemma of knowing who is Calvin Johnson girlfriend!

Some folks say it might be gorgeous blonde, Ines Sainz… But isn’t she married guys? I heard her husband is a big producer in Mexico. So this might be as well pure gossip.

I also knew he is more likely to date brunette chicks so Ines might not be his type either. There are many pics of him posing with different chicks, but name less…so the man is clever, yes, he is avoiding scandal and yet date all the women he likes to!

Do you have any clue whereas who is this guy dating to? Is it a blonde, a red head, a brunette? Names people please!!

I guess he is also focused on his work and instead of making his private life go public he rather trains for the games he needs to be prepared and show off!

Ines Bio

She was born September 20 1973 in Queretaro Mexico. She is a model and journalist. She works for a popular TV station in Mexico, TV Azteca. She is one of the hottest journalists on TV. She has a master degree in laws. And she is also black belt tae kwon do!

Ines Twitter here.

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  1. His girlfriend name is Britt. She graduated from stanford & is in medical school. Her twitter was brjo218 but I thinks she’s changed or deactivated her twitter to avoid people.

  2. I don’t know who he’s dating but according to the last post one of his sister was pretty mad because according to her he wasn’t dating her they are friends.but I heard that he had more than one girlfriend but can’t blame him because he’s trying to be careful about the chicks he dating because I had read some information that he is avoiding dating chicks that want him for his money I believe that he’s focusing on football rather than his personal and private life. Calvin is super smart would love to find about his foundation keep up the good work cj81. God bless you calvin!

  3. Lisa jeter says:

    For what I read from another website he supposed be dating a chick named brittney who went to michigan state university that used to work for fox sports in Detroit . That’s what I heard and read also because somewhere in May of 2013 the lions fans were shocked that calvin start the 2012 nfl season with a broken heart so whoever calvin dated broke his heart real bad. But calvin never said the chick name that really broke his heart. That’s an unsolved case but he did said the chick promise him that she will be there for him but he got trampled!

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