Who is NASCAR Kasey Kahne’s Girlfriend?


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Kasey Kahne Girlfriend name

Young Kasey Kahne  won the Food City 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway and while we are familiar with almost every NASCAR WAG, we are not so sure Kasey has a lady by his side to celebrate this win? or does he?

32-year-old Kasey Kahne from Enumclaw, WA is racing with Hendricks Motorsports his team since 2012 before them he  raced with Richard Petty Motorsports, before with Richard Petty Motorsports  before that with  Gillett Evernham Motorsports and even before them with Evernham Motorsports.

Over these years watching him race we have seen some pretty ladies by his side, for starters do you remember  that cute brunette he was allegedly dating  long time ago, Kristy Labonte. Recognize her last name? that is because her father is Terry Labonte former NASCAR driver her uncle is Bobby Labonte, Kristy is now married to her hubby Matt with whom she has two gorgeous children.

Kristy Labonte Kasey Kahne pics

After her he turned his appetite for blondes, I remember that slender girl Ashley Speegle, very sweet girl, natural beauty, we sure love her.

Ashley Speegle Kasey Kahne

Then he was romantically linked to Miss Food City Britney Hagy, another blond with a sexy smile and killer legs..

Britney Hagy Kasey Kahne pictures

In 2009 he allegedly dated a whole year with  that stunning Budweiser girl curvy Anne Marie Johnson.

Kasey Kahne girlfriend budweise girl Anne Marie Johnson

And let’s not forget Ashley Miller yes, another blonde, sophisticated and beautiful, she was PR for Brian Vicker’s #83 Red Bull team.

Kasey Kahne girlfriend Ashley Miller pic

The last girl we heard of was Jenny Severance, by heard doesn’t mean she was his last girlfriend, we just heard from her last. Jenny dated Kasey for two years back in 2007, she is married with a child in NC.

Kasey Kahne GF Jenny Severance

But is he dating anyone in 2013? apparently not, so get in line girls he is pretty much available, I bet he doesn’t care if you are blond, brunette or an exotic redhead? just make sure you smile and we get your name ‘cause time, it could be your name here at FabWAGS!!!

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  1. lorissa kots says:

    He so cute and I have had crush on him for a long time I was able to go to my first race in Atlanta on Sep 1 and it was great my eyesvwere on the #5 car

  2. Recently divorced Kasey . Let’s hook up!

  3. kristin says:

    I think he is amazing and he seems down to earth.

  4. kristin says:

    I think he is amazing and he seems down to earth. And i would love to have a beverage with him. Maybe a fruity juicy drink. As long as there’s a designated driver. That or we could rent a bus as long as the driver does not side swipe any other vehicles. As long as were ok and get enough sleep and have a sandwich for lunch.

  5. Oh my god, this boy just lights my eyes up. I would kill to get a kiss from Kasey. He has had my heart for so many years. Only The Lord knows what I would do to him.


  1. scott tucker says:

    scott tucker

    Who is NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne’s Girlfriend?

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