Who is Spurs Danny Green’s Girlfriend?

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend 2013


Spurs-Danny Green girlfriend

Young Danny Green has become the man of the game in San Antonio, the three pointer man with the Spurs some might call him, and here at FabWags we wonder if Danny Green has a girlfriend, fiancé perhaps? wife? Do you know the name of the lucky girl dating the Spur’s shooting guard?

Danny Green bio

25-year-old Danny Green was born  on June 22, 1987 in Babylon, New York, he was a senior at the University of North Carolina when he was eligible for the 2008 NBA Draft although he didn’t sing with an agent so it was until the year after that the Cleveland Cavaliers picked Danny during the 2009 NBA Draft.


Danny played with the Cavaliers during 20 games until he was waived and then San Antonio signed him in.  Last July Danny Green signed three-year-contract for $12 million.

Danny Green brother Rashad GreenDanny Green father Danny Green srDanny Green brother Rashad Green pic

About Danny Green’s personal we all know that his cousin Gerald Green is a shooting guard with the Indiana Pacers, Gerald from Texas was first signed in with the Celtics during the 2005 NBA Draft, moving on.. Danny’s bro Rashad also plays basketball he  played while he attended Manhattan college in 2007 and 2008 and then with the University of San Francisco until last year. Danny took a hard blow when Danny Green Sr. his dad a gym teacher was arrested in 2006 on drug trafficking charges, Mr. Green served 22 months in jail after he pleaded not guilty but was charged with a lesser charge of conspiracy.


Danny Green Sr. went thru difficult times, his wife, Danny’s mom left them while Danny was  just a 12-year-old boy, Danny Sr. raised his three kids all by himself, and we must give him some credit he did a terrific job!!


And now the part that we are dying to know of, is Danny Green dating someone? the answer to that one is no, Danny Green is single and ready to mingle, he has been seen with a few girls, some people think he is dating a Spanish girl from Texas, but as far as we known none of those girls is his girlfriend.

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend-photo

Any girl would be lucky to date Danny, I mean he is young, talented

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend-picsSpurs Danny Green girlfriend-pictures

the Boy can dress, he has great sense of style

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend photoSpurs Danny Green girlfriend pictures

Great with children

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend-picSpurs Danny Green girlfriend_pics

and has an amazing body..

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend-pictureSpurs Danny Green girlfriend picsspurs Danny Green shirtless

Yes, he has a thing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but who doesn’t?

Spurs Danny Green girlfriend_picSpurs Danny Green girlfriend photos

So girls, put your Spurs on and begin some flirting, you can all follow Danny Green on Twitter here, let’s be clear this is not an invitation to start stalking  our Danny boy, so tweet him judiciously.

Almost forgot, Danny might have a girlfriend after all, we are not a 100% certain but a little bird told us her name is Starr, and it seems that Danny has photos on Starr posted n his Instagram, which you can see below!

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  1. Tina says

    One thing I like about this young man is that he keeps God first. In all of his after game comments he’s giving thanks to the most high. So if you read this Danny, keep putting him first and everything will fall into place. #MVP

  2. #1 fan says

    I just want to say danny green is a really great player I love that the face he thanks god before and after and he is so cute but I do wonder who is he dating

  3. hope dryl says

    hi danny greenn….. i like you…..your a good player and so handsome……keep it up….godbless…..

  4. Ziannah Cynethia Fyllaz Xyler says

    Hai Danny I like you.. I like your moves, your techniques ,your body and your gorgeous face.. Your such a talented man that is why i like you and admire you.. Can we be friends? or more than friends ? I IDOLIZE YOU MUCH Take care always Godbless you..

  5. says

    hello Mr. Green,
    just looking into google and i did remember ur name,
    i just saw you first time in the game 1 between ur time and the miami.
    i guess this will gonna be the first and last time to comment and say what i wanted to say to you.,,

    first, ur such a great and a good player.
    i do love miami and that is yes,and the time i saw how players in ur team played and ruled up the game,i guess im falling inlove and become a fan of spurs generation fans,,

    God bless and more power

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