Who is St. Louis Cardinals David Freese’s Girlfriend?




David Freese the hot third baseman with the St. Louis Cardinals has become of the hottest MLB players at this time, and we know that you all want to know whether or not Freese is married, or dating anyone, Do you want to know who is Freese’s wife or girlfriend? fiancée perhaps? Check this out!

30-year-old David Freese  from Corpus Christi, Texas, is the beloved son of Lynn Freese a retired teacher and Guy a civil engineer who are also the proud parents of Freese’s sister Pam.

David Freese dad guy FreeseDavid Freese sister Pam

He graduated in 2001 from Lafayatte High School, he studied computer science at the University of Missouri, He was was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the ninth round (273rd overall) of the 2008 MLB Draft, The Padres traded to St. Louis him at the end of the 2008 season and made his MLB debut with the Cardinals on April 6, 2009.

Ever since that day he has gain  major notoriety all over nation, especially from his female fans, but is David Freese single? or does he has a girlfriend?

That was the straight question KSDK’s reporter Julie Tristan asked Freese, he told her at that time, he had no girlfriend.

David Freese Julie TristanDavid Freese Julie Tristan interview

So far as we know David doesn’t have any girlfriend, and if he does, he sure has done a terrific job keeping it private.

And what about pretty Erin Andrews?  Sure she took him as her date to the 2011 Country Music Awards ceremony in Nashville, they were spotted talking for hours in 2012, but they are just friends.

David freese Erin Andrews pictureDavid freese Erin Andrews picDavid freese Erin Andrews photo

No signs of any girl in the handsome Cardinal third baseman in 2013, so we will assumed he is single and ready to mingle, Any Takers???

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    • says

      Hello lying piece of crap. He’s not even dating anyone much less going to be married. You lie like a rug. He hasn’t met anyone (esp in Missouri) worthy of even a phone call. You know no one, but I’m willing to bet you’re the type that will believe ANYTHING !!

  1. That Girl Sue says

    If David Freese had a girlfriend or fiance or wife, everyone would know about it. And that quote about his girlfriend being concerned by all the middle-aged “fives” who’ve popped out kids coming after him–doesn’t that sound a little arrogant and harsh for David Freese? You bet it is. That’s because he never said it. That quote comes directly from The Onion, a satirical news website.

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