Who is Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend in 2013?


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Tony Stewart girlfriend 2013

Tony Stewart a race car driver and owner has been dating blonde Jessica Zemken for quite some time or aren’t they dating? Who  is Tony dating now? Who has be dated over the years? Find out!!

Zemken is or was the perfect girlfriend for his lifestyle which is just the same lifestyle Zemken has, after all she is too a race car driver.

Tony Stewart used to date Jessica Zemken the daughter of Ray Zemken the veteran race car driver and Shauna Zemken, Tony and Jessica dated for a couple of years but decided to call it quits and have moved on, Jessica is currently dating this guy..

Jessica Zemken boyfriend 2013 photoJessica Zemken boyfriend 2013 picJessica Zemken boyfriend 2013Jessica Zemken boyfriend 2013 picture

Allegedly Tony Stewart also dated a hot girl in 2011 or 2012 named Devan Adamek, and before her he dated Tara Roquemore, Jamie Schaffer and Krista Dwyer.

Tara Roquemore Tony StewartTony Stewart girlfriend devan adamek piTony Stewart girlfriend Jamie Schaffer

Recently there is a rumor that some girl Renee White, however we couldn’t find any reputable source to back up that rumor.

In conclusion Tony Stewart is dating DeLana Harvick, NO that is not right he just grabbed her butt for luck or so I was told he likes to do that a lot, he was also seen grabbing Jack Roush’ butt too, can you imagine how much butts must he have grabbed at Devon, he did won that race,, he was very lucky that day, check that moment caught on Video below


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