Amy Miller Arizona Wildcats Sean Miller’s Wife

Amy Miller

This lovely lady is Amy Miller; she is the beautiful and loving wife of coach Sean Miller, coaching the Arizona Wildcats since 2009. Would you like to meet her?

It seemed expected that Sean Miller would end up here, with a stable home beneath Hollywood’s bright lights, where his extraordinary childhood aptitude for dribbling and handling a basketball drew the notice of film and movie types.

Acting before Coaching

Before Miller became a basketball coach, there was “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.” the movie released in 1979, became something of a cult classic.

Stromberg said,

I remember that kid from the movie, didn’t know that was Sean Miller until just now. and had no idea he became a coach.

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Archie Miller, Sean’s younger brother and the head coach at Dayton, said,

You knew basketball was important in our house. It was basically the same as breathing. Very, very few people have outworked my brother in the game of basketball. And I mean from age 5 to 44.

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Someway, Miller’s dribbling came to the notice of Bo Ryan at Wisconsin, then an assistant coach. Ryan, an economics and marketing major, wanted to spice up the university’s basketball camp. So he flew in three basketball magicians, Miller, the youngest of the three, included. As part of his practice, Miller wore a Superman costume.

Ryan said,

Those were the three best at the time. Probably in the world. In the ’80s, there were all these kids whose dad took them to the gym for 10 hours a day, all these instructional videos. But Sean is the one that people from my generation remember.

To a certain extent, Miller would talk about his college career, in which he led Pittsburgh to three N.C.A.A. tournament appearances and ranked among Pitt’s most productive passers and most accurate 3-point shooters. He would rather talk about his family: his wife, Amy, and their three children.

Archie Miller said,

There were literally thousands and thousands of opportunities for him to travel the world and demonstrate the skills he had. What gets lost in the shuffle is how terrific a player he was. People forget that.

Matta described Miller as “sloppy” as a roommate and revealed that Miller, for all time, seemed not to recall or lose his wallet when trips started or the bill came due. Miller, on the script until the end, refused to connect in such friendly teasing.

He said,

I wouldn’t be here today without him.

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The pass he threw to Jerome Lane before Lane shattered the backboard with a dip, and Bill Raftery shouted,

Send it in, Jerome!

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Stromberg said,

I still can’t believe that kid became a basketball coach.

Sean Miller Coaching

Sean Miller started his coaching career in 1992 as a graduate assistant at Wisconsin; a year later, he was an assistant coach at Miami before joining Pittsburgunder the same job. In 1996, he was an assistant coach at North Carolina State and Xavier an assistant.

He became the head coach at Xavier replacing Thad Matta in 2004. Miller joined the Arizona Wildcats in 2009. In 2017, he was involved in the NCAA corruption scandal; he was subsequently fired from the University of Arizona on April 7, 2021, after 12 seasons with the Wildcats.

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Mrs. Miller

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His wife, Amy Miller, 46, was born Amy Christine Watterson in Pennsylvania to Susan Watterson and Glenn Watterson II of Darlington. Amy met her famous husband while they were attending Blackhawk High School. She was a cheerleader. He was a sophomore transfer student who just joined the basketball team; they started dating while they were in high school and all the way thru college at the University of Pittsburgh.

Happily Married

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They got married on August 7, 1993, in Mount Pleasant Church in Darlington. They are the proud parents of their three beautiful and amazing sons,  Austin, Cameron, and Braden, who are 19, 15, and 13.

Coach miller’s wife Amy Miller is on Twitter here