Kelly Talbot: NHL player Cam Talbot’s Wife

Kelly Talbot

Meet gorgeous Kelly Talbot, the wife of Canadian NHL player Cameron “Cam” Talbot. Her 27-year-old man who currently plays for the New York Rangers, will face the Washington Capital later today in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!   According to her …

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Ashley Beagle: NHL player Jay Beagle’s Wife

Ashley Beagle

Meet Ashley Beagle, this lovely NHL wag is the pretty wife of Jay Beagle the NHL player who currently plays for the Washington Capitals. Back in 2003 Beagle played fоr thе Calgary Royals оf thе AJHL , he thеn played …

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Paige Getzlaf: NHL Ryan Getzlaf’s Wife

Paige Getzlaf

Meet Paige Getzlaf, the lovely wife of NHL player Ryan Getzlaf. Her 29-year-old hubby is currently the captain of the Anaheim Duck and will face tonight the Calgary Flames in the NHL playoffs! The blonde describes herself as a hockey …

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Lauren Giordano: NHL Mark Giordano’s Wife

Lauren Giordano

Meet Lauren Giordano, the pretty wife of NHL player Mark Giordano. Her 31-year-old husband is often called the best defenseman in the NHL but unforttunately he will not join the Calgary Flames tonight as they face the Anaheim Ducks in …

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Andrea Kesler: NHL Player Ryan Kesler’s Wife

Andrea Kesler

Meet the utterly beautiful Andrea Kesler,  this fab NHL wag is the wife of Ryan Kesler the NHL player currently playing with the Anaheim Ducks. Livonia born Ryan Kesler was selected in thе firѕt round, 23rd оvеrаll bу thе Vancouver …

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Ela Bulawa: NHL Player Daniel Carcillo’s Girlfriend

Ela Bulawa

Meet lovely Ela Bulawa, the girlfriend of NHL player Daniel Carcrillo. Her 30-year-old boyfriend is currently a Chicago Blackhawks left wing who is due to face today the Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! It’s a bittersweet time for …

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Is Grace Putman, Chris Kreider’s Girlfriend?

Grace Putman

Grace Putman Meet pretty Grace Putman; the gorgeous girlfriend of NHL player Chris Kreider. Kreider is the winger for the New York Rangers, who also played college ice hockey at Boston College prior to entering the NHL Draft in 2009. Chris Kreider is the eldest …

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