Chandra Janway Johnson is NASCAR Jimmie Johnson’s Wife

Chandra Johnson

Jimmie Johnson just won the Dayton 500, he will celebrating his win with his team and  special celebration with his beautiful family wife Chandra Janway Johnson and their gorgeous children.

We already know plenty about Jimmie Johnson, this time we are here to fill you up about his lovely wife Chandra Johnson.

34-year-old Chandra Lynn Janway Johnson was born on June July 16th, 1978 in Muskogee, Oklahoma to Lynn and Jack Janway, Chandra graduated in 2000 with a major in business communication from the University of Oklahoma.

Chandra who her husband affectionately calls Chani, was introduced to Jimmy by Jeff Gordon in 2002 by this time she was a model with Wilhelmina Models, she began modeling as a teenager.


Chandra said as soon as she met Jimmie she knew he was special, they started dating right away..

“Immediately, I realized Jimmie was a nice guy, different from anyone I had met before,” “He was just so nice and so genuine. Everything about him you just love.”.

Chandra and Johnson got engaged during a ski trip to Colorado in 2003, getting married less than a year later.

Chandra became Mrs. Jimmie Johnson on December 11th, 2004, and more than 6 years later in January 2010 Chandra and Jimmy announced they were expecting their first child together, Baby girl Genevieve Marie Johnson was born on July 7, 2010.

Chandra Johnson is a loving wife, caring mother and takes care of her and her husband’s foundation the “Jimmie Johnson Foundation”.