Jana Weckerly : Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones’ Stripper/ Accuser

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper accuser

A few months ago several photos of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones with two stripper were leaked, one was a brunette the other a blonde, this Blondie stripper has been identified as Jana Weckerly who said she was sexually assaulted by Jones, so she is suing him.

Jana Weckerly, 27, said that on the day she posed with Jerry Jones, 71, she was the victim of sexual assault by the hand of the elderly, married cowboys honcho.


Jana said  that Mr. Jones made hеr watch аnоthеr woman givе him oral , forcibly groped hеr genitals аnd thеn made hеr sign papers promising tо stay quiet. Weckerly claims thе assault happened in 2009, аnd ѕhе tооk pictures thаt night оf Jones in compromising positions with twо оthеr women.

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper_image

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper photos

You can read the legal docs below.

Jana Weckerly Suit

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper_photos

27-year-old Jana Marie Wecklerly was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma to Mr. Dale Patrick Weckerly, 53, and Virginia Lee Weckerly, 52, from Burn Flat, OK. Jana has one sister, Krissy.

On her old Twitter account Jana describes herself as a 24-year-old girl, engaged to her girlfriend Chasity since December, 2010.  She planned to study cosmetology since she loved doing hair and Make up.

I guess this is Chasity.

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper picJana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper_pic

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper_pictures

Besides getting off her clothes Jana said she worked as a receptionist, and a cashier..a little in her own words..

I’m a smal town girl, that grew into a women wanting to travel an see the world…
I love modeling and entertaining people….
Very outgoing an great since of style an personality….
Would love to model for a tattoo magazine I do have some tattoos but tasteful & …
Have always loved to be in front of a camera!!!
I know my beauty won’t last forever I want to tKs advantage of it while I can, while I’m still young. Please give me the opportunity to do so I won’t disappoint

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper_images

Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper_photo Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper+image
Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper+photo Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper+picture
Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper+pictures Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper-picture
Jana Weckerly Jerry Jones Stripper+pict

We found Jana Weckerly on Twitter here, Facebook here and MySpace here.