Meet the Sexiest Manchester City WAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manchester City wagsPin

Manchester City players are dating some ladies, some are already married, others are dating and a few others were involved in some steamy affairs. Ready to meet the Fab wives and girlfriend of the players from Manchester City?

#1 Sergio Aguero’s Ex girlfriend Giannina Maradona and New girlfriend Karina Tejada

U114427 -5ENERO_KUN01.jpg de Externa ABCPinKarina Tejada Sergio AgueroPin

#2 Edin Dzeko’s girlfriend Amra Silajdzic

Edin Dzeko girlfriend Amra SilajdzicPin

#3 Samir Nasri’s  girlfriend  Anara Atanes

Anara AtanesPin

#4 Joe Hart’s wife Kimberly Crew

Joe Hart wife Kimberly CrewPin

#5  Jesus Navas’ Wife  Alejandra Moral

Jesus Navas Wife Alejandra MoralPin

#6 Alvaro Negredo’s Wife Clara Garcia Tapia

Alvaro Negredo Wife Clara Garcia TapiaPin

#7 Martin Demichelis’ Ex-wife Evangelina Anderson

Martin Demicheli Ex-wife Evangelina AndersonPin

#8 Javi Garcia’s Girlfriend Elena Gomez

Javi Garcia Girlfriend Elena GomezPin


#9 Vincent Kompany’s wife Carla Higgs Kompany

Vincent Kompany wife Carla Higgs KompanyPin

#10 Pablo Zabaleta’s Wife Christel Castalo

Pablo Zabaleta Wife Christel CastaloPin

#11 Jack Rodwell’s girlfriend Melissa Reeves

Jack Rodwell girlfriend Melissa ReevesPin

#12 Gael Clichy’s girlfriend Charlene Suric

Charlene Suric Gael ClichyPin

#13 David Silva’s Ex-girlfriend Melania

Melania David Silva girlfriendPin

#14 Stevan Jovetic mysterious girlfriend

Stevan Jovetic girlfriendPin


#15 Fernando Luiz Roza Fernandinho wife Glaucia Roza

Fernando Luiz Roza Fernandinho wife Glaucia RozaPin