Meet The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders!!!

The Denver Broncos CheerleadersPin

Super Bowl 2014 here we come and what better way to get ready for this great moment with the ladies who spice up the game, they give fans their best moves, showed off their amazing curves, beautiful, flawless faces , with great pride we introduce you to the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders!!!!!!!

Before we get to meet these beautiful ladies, let us tell you the story about how the Broncos cheer squad began..

It was  1971 when the first Broncos cheerleading squad began cheering at the Invesco Field in Mile High  now known as the Sports Authority Field at Mile High under the name of the Bronkettes, in 1977 they changed the name to the Bronco Belles and then again in 1977 under the Pony Express, sadly in 1980 they were force to put down their pom-poms after two members of the squad posed topless for Playboy Magazine.

In 1993, after thirteen year the Denver Broncos decided it was time to bring the cheerleaders back and since then they have been cheering  during their games, they also toured to several military bases allover from Australia, Hawaii, Cuba, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Every Spring  hundred of gorgeous women all over the nation auditioned to become a new Broncos cheerleader, but only 26 made the team! Ready to meet them??

In alphabetical order..

Angela a stunning Colorado State student from Littletown.

Angela Denver Broncos cheerleaderPin

Ashley, an educational assistant from Jersey is on her second year with the team.

Ashley Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Brittany, this rookie is a student at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Brittany Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Candance a surgical sales rep from Ohio has been cheering for 4 years.

Candance Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Christina C.owns her own Paralegal business, she has been in the squad for five years.

Christina C Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Emily G. this is her first year with the team, this Colorado girl is a dance teacher.

Emily G. Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Emily M. Also her first year  cheering and she is a Marine Project Engineer, from Boulder, Colorado.

Emily M Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Heather is on her fourth year with the team, she  is a special education teacher. She was selected to cheer at the 2012 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and has been team captain for two years.

Heather Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Kate, this law student at the University of Colorado is a rookie.

Kate Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Katie from Denver is on her first year with the team, she is a graduate student and Pom Coach

Katie Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Kendal, This pretty rookie  a graduate from the Art Institute of Colorado is a talented photographer.

Kendal Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Kisato, a student at Tamagawa University has been cheering for two amazing years.

Kisato Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Lauren this special events coordinator and marketing director is on her third year with the team.

Lauren Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Lelanna, the Benefits & HRIS administrator from Thornton, Colorado is on her first year with the Broncos.

Lelanna Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Lindsey has been a cheerleader with Denver for three years, she is also an environmental consultant.

Lindsey Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Lindy, this University of Colorado student has been with the Broncos for five years.

Lindy Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Liz is on her first year, she is a student at Metropolitan State University and Head performer

Liz Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Margaret, is on her fourth year, she is an administrative Executive for Buckhorn  Energy services

Margaret Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Michelle, four years cheering, she is an executive assistant office manager at a Hedge Fund in Denver

Michelle Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin


Patricia, this is her third year in the Broncos, she is product developer

Patricia Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Pam, a stylist model and cheerleader coach from Detroit, MI currently on her 4th year with the team.

Sam Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Tara a dance studio manager, Boise State University graduate has been with the squad for five years.

Tara Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Toni D.  this is her third year, she graduated from the University of Minnesota and works as a high school poms coach.

Toni D Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Toni G.  this is her second year for the recruiter from Minneapolis and University of Minnesota graduate.

Toni G Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

Tristan a professional research assistant is on her third year with Denver.

Tristan Denver Broncos CheerleaderPin

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