Sexiest Sevilla Wives

Want to knot who are women behind the FC Sevilla players? Meet some of the hottest wags in the team!

1. Maria Moreno


Lovely Maria Moreno is the girlfriend of 22-year-old Spanish professional footballer Sergio Rico, who plays for Sevilla FC as a goalkeeper.

Maria Moreno was born in 1993 and has been dating the young goalkeeper since 2015.

You can find her on Instagram here.

2. Tatyana Campillo


Tatyana Campillo, is the girlfriend of 26-year-old Sergio Escudero Palomo, the Spanish footballer who plays for Sevilla FC as a left back. Campillo is a Spanish figure skating coach.

Find Tatyana Campillo on Twitter here.

3. Maria Lopez Breton


Maria Lopez Breton is the girlfriend of Jorge Andújar Moreno, known as Coke. Her 29-year-old boyfriend currently plays for Sevilla FC as a right back.

Find Maria Lopez Breton on Instagram here.

4. Noelia Lopez


Noelia Lopez is the girlfriend of Spanish footballer, Jose Antonio Reyes, who plays for Sevilla FC mainly as a left winger but also as a forward. The couple has one daughter together.

Find Noelia Lopez on Twitter here.

5. Valeria Juan


Valeria is the girlfriend of Éver Maximiliano David Banega. The Argentine footballer who plays for Spanish club Sevilla FC as a central midfielder. The couple have two daughters together.

6. Viktoria Konoplyanka


Viktoria Konoplyanka is the wife of Yevhen Olehovych Konoplyanka. The Ukrainian footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish club Sevilla FC and the Ukraine national team.

7. Maria Llorente


Maria Llorente is the wife of Fernando Javier Llorente Torres, nicknamed El Rey León. The Spanish footballer plays for Sevilla FC as a striker.

8. Sidonie Biémont


Sidonie Biémont is the girlfriend of Adil Rami. The French footballer who plays as a central defender for Spanish club Sevilla FC and the France national team. Find Sidonie Biemont on Instagram here.

9. Luisa Fernandez


Luisa Fernandez is the wife of FC Sevilla boss, Unai Emery. Her 44-year-old hubby is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a left midfielder, and is currently the team’s manager .