Robert Lewandowski’s Wife Anna Stachurska Lewandoska

Anna Stachurska Lewandowska

Anna Stachurska Lewandowska Anna Stachurska Lewandowska aka Anna Lewandowska is the stunning wife of Polish soccer player Robert Lewandoski. He is a striker for Bayern Munich, before that he played for Borussia Dortmund. Anna’s husband Polish striker Robert Lewandowski comes …

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Manuel Neuer’s Wife Nina Weiss

Nina Weiss

Meet Nina Weiss Nina Weiss is the lovely wife of the number one goalkeeper on Germany’s national team and one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Manuel Neuer; who is, in addition, the goalkeeper for Bayern Munich. Born March …

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Sebastian Rudy’s Wife Elena Rudy

Elena Rudy

Elena Rudy Meet Elena Rudy; she is the beautiful, loving and reserved wife of German soccer player Sebastian Rudy. Her 5’10” hubby is a midfielder for Bayern Munich and Germany’s National Team. Sebastian also played for Vfb Stuttgart II, Vfb …

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Sven Ulreich’s Wife Lisa Ulreich

Lisa Ulreich

Lisa Ulreich Have you met Lisa Ulreich? She is the utterly beautiful wife of German soccer player Sven Ulreich, the 6’4″ goalkeeper for Bayern Munich. Ulreich also played with VfB Stuttgart prior to signing with Bayer in 2015. In addition to that, he …

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Willy Sagnol’s Wife Charlotte-Gwendoline Sagnol

Charlotte-Gwendoline Sagnol

Charlotte-Gwendoline Sagnol Charlotte-Gwendoline Sagnol is the beautiful wife of former French soccer player Willy Sagol, named the interim coach for Bayern Munich, following Carlo Ancelotti‘s firing on September 28, 2017, after  Paris Saint Germain defeated them 3-0. Charlotte’s husband, was …

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Katja Butylina David Alaba’s Girlfriend

Katja Butylina

Katja Butylina Katja Butylina, is the pretty girlfriend of David Alaba Austrian soccer player who is currently a midfielder player for German soccer club Bayern Munich, he also plays for the Austrian National Team. Keep reading this story to find …

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Carolina Santana: Soccer player Rafinha’s Wife

Carolina Santana

Meet smiley blonde Carolina Santana, the lovely wife of Brazilian footballer Rafinha. Her 29-year-old husband currently plays for Bayern Munich and will face today FC Barcelona in the Champions League Semifinal! Carolina’s man is not to be confused with 22-year-old …

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