Lisa Rossenbach- Borussia Roman Weidenfeller’s Girlfriend

1 - Lisa Rossenbach- Borussia Roman Weidenfeller's Girlfriend

The German goalkeeper for Borussia Dortmund, Roman Weidenfeller, is dating Lisa Rossenbach. Let’s meet her. For sure she is a hottie! Besides supporting his boyfriend in the stadium, 26-year-old Lisa has actually appeared in the club’s ad campaign for 2012 …

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Ewa Piszczek- Lukasz Piszczek’s wife

      27-year-old Lukasz Piszczek is married to Ewa Piszczek since June 2009. The couple have a daughter, Sara, born on March 3, 2011. Ewa Piszczek is 28 years old. Ewa’s husband is Borussia Dortmund right defender. He was …

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