Javier Baez Wife Irmarie Marquez

Irmarie Marquez,Javier Baez Wife

 Irmarie Marquez Irmarie Marquez is the pretty wife of Javier Baez, the talented Puerto Rican infielder with the Detroit Tigers. Baez played high school baseball at Arlington Country Day School prior to being drafted by the Chicago Cubs, he also …

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Martin Maldonado Wife Janelise Maldonado

Janelise Maldonado,Martin Maldonado Wife

Janelise Maldonado This pretty young lady is Janelise Maldonado; she is the lovely and beautiful wife of MLB player Martin Maldonado, the talented Puerto Rican who is a catcher currently signed by the Houston Astros. Martin also played for the …

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Kris Bryant wife Jessica Delp

Jessica Delp,Kris Bryant wife,Jessica Bryant

Jessica Delp Lovely Jessica Delp now Jessica Bryant; she is the wife of  MLB player Kristopher L. Bryant, better known as Kris Bryant or “Silk.” Her hubby is currently a third baseman for the San Francisco Giants. Kris Bryant MLB …

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Addison Russell’s New Girlfriend Asti Kelley

Asti Kelley

Asti Kelley Meet Asti Kelley; she is the new girlfriend of MLB player Addison Russell, the Pensacola, Florida native is a shortstop for the Chicago Cubs. Russell got himself in the middle of a nasty mess when his ex-wife Melisa Reidy …

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Wade Davis’ Wife Katelyn Casey Davis

Katelyn Davis

Katelyn Casey Davis Meet the lovely and amazing Katelyn Davis, formerly known as Katelyn Casey Davis; she is the wife of MLB pitcher, Wade Davis. Her hubby is the talented closer for the Chicago Cubs.The couple who were in a …

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Kyle Hendricks’ Girlfriend Emma Cain

Emma Cain

Emma Cain Emma Cain is the stunning and incredible girlfriend of Kyle Hendricks. The major league pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Hendricks known as The Professor played college baseball at Dartmouth College prior to being drafted in 2011. Emma’s MLB …

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Tommy La Stella’s Sister Christine La Stella

christine La Stella

Christine La Stella Christina La Stella is the beautiful sister of MLB player Tommy La Stella,  the third baseman for the Oakland Athletics;  he previously played for the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs. Prior to the MLB, La Stella …

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Leonys Martin’s Wife Yaimira Martin

Yaimira Martin

Yaimira Martin Meet Yaimira Martin; she is the pretty wife of Cuban MLB player Leonys Martin, the center fielder for the Chicago Cubs. he also played for the Seattle Mariners and the Texan Rangers prior to signing a deal with Chicago …

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Jon Jay’s Wife Nikki Stecich

Nikki Stecich

Nikki Stecich Meet gorgeous blonde, Meet Nikki Stecich, she is the wife of MLB player Jon Jay. Her husband is a center fielder for the Chicago Cubs. Jon also played with the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Diego Padres, …

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Nette Smith MLB Carl Edwards Jr.’s Girlfriend

Nette Smith

Nette Smith Nette Smith is the pretty girlfriend of Carl Edwards Jr., not the NASCAR car driver, but the talented MLB pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. C.J is known as The String Bean Slinger. While Edwards’ life is way interesting, …

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Kristina Carter Lackey MLB John Lackey’s Wife

Kristina Carter Lackey

Kristina Carter Lackey Kristina Carter Lackey is the loving, caring and incredibly beautiful wife of major league player John Lackey, currently one of the amazing pitchers with the Chicago Cubs. Lackey previously played with the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles …

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Vanessa Montero MLB Miguel Montero’s Wife

Vanessa Montero

Vanessa Montero Vanessa Montero is the lovely not to mention stunning wife of MLB player Miguel Montero, the amazing Venezuelan catcher with the Chicago Cubs, who previously played with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Prior to the MLB, Miguel played in the …

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Chelsea Smith MLB Anthony Rizzo’s Girlfriend

Chelsea Smith

Meet Chelsea Smith Chelsea Smith is the girlfriend of professional baseball first baseman with the Chicago Cubs, Anthony Vincent Rizzo better known as Anthony Rizzo. According to ESPN, Rizzo is smoothing out another strong season for his young career, setting …

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