Meet Eric Dier’s Girlfriend Maria Hansen

Maria Hansen

Maria Hansen Meet Eric Didier’s gorgeous girlfriend Maria Hansen. Didier is the English midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur as well as the England National Team. 6’2″ Didier started his career with Sporting CP in 2003; subsequently joined Everton on a loan deal …

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Harry Maguire’s girlfriend Fern Hawkins

Fern Hawkins

Fern Hawkins Fern Hawkins is one insanely soccer wag; she is the pretty girlfriend of British soccer player Harry Maguire, the defender for Manchester United, he previously for the English Club Leicester. In addition to the Premier League, Maguire is …

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Jordan Henderson’s Wife Rebecca Burnett

Rebecca Burnett

Rebecca Burnett This magnificent lady is Rebecca Burnett; she is the beautiful wife of Jordan Henderson,  a midfielder for premier club Liverpool and the England National Team. Henderson is captain of both teams. The 6’0″ Sunderland native, started his career …

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Jordan Pickford’s girlfriend Megan Davison

Megan Davison

Megan Davison Meet Megan Davison; she is the longtime and not to mention beautiful girlfriend of English goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who plays for Everton and the England National Team. Pickford previously played for Sunderland between 2011 and 2017; between those …

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Marcus Rashford’s Girlfriend Lucia Loi

Lucia Loi

 Lucia Loi Check out Lucia Loi; she is the drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend of Marcus Rashford, the young English soccer player for Manchester United. Marcus has been with Manchester since the age of seven, but it was until 2015 that he …

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