Meet David Silva’s Girlfriend Yessica Suarez

Yessica Suarez

Yessica Suarez Meet Yessica Suarez; she is the beautiful girlfriend of Spanish soccer player David Silva, the 5’7″ midfielder for the English soccer club Manchester City and the Spain National team. Silva, started his career with San Fernando in 1995; …

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Fabian Delph’s Wife Natalie Delph

Natalie Delph

Natalie Delph Meet Natalie Delph; she is the loving and gorgeous wife of English soccer player Fabian Delph, the midfielder for Manchester City and the English National team. Fabian started his career with Leeds United in 2006, three years later joined Aston Villa before returning …

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Carola Pucci Manuel Pellegrini’s Wife

Carola Pucci

Carola Pucci Carola Pucci is the wife of soccer manager Manuel Pellegrini;  the former Chilean soccer player, whо iѕ thе manager оf Premier League ѕ team West Ham United. Aѕ a coach, hе hаѕ managed teams mоѕtlу in Spain, Argentina, …

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Bernardo Silva’s Girlfriend Alicia Verrando

Alicia Verrando

Alicia Verrando Meet Alicia Verrando; this stunning Wag is the lovely girlfriend of Portuguese soccer player Bernardo Silva. Her beau is a midfielder for Manchester City. In addition to playing for the Ligue 1 Club, Silva represents Portugal with Portugal …

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Faye Howard Manchester City Billy O’Brien’s Girlfriend

Faye Howard

Faye Howard Meet Faye Howard; she was the beautiful girlfriend of British soccer player Billy O’Brien. O’Brien the former goalkeeper for Manchester United, nowadays playing for Macclesfield Town received a final text from his girlfriend Ms. Howard, moments prior to her …

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Candice Brook 5 facts About Leroy Sane’s Girlfriend

Candice Brook

Candice Brook Candice Brook is the stunning girlfriend of professional soccer star, Leroy Sane –whom we know best as the German midfielder for Manchester City. Ms. Brook and her professional athlete boyfriend have kept their relationship under wraps but the …

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Meet the Sexiest Manchester City WAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manchester City players are dating some ladies, some are already married, others are dating and a few others were involved in some steamy affairs. Ready to meet the Fab wives and girlfriend of the players from Manchester City? #1 Sergio …

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