Meet Erik Spoelstra Wife Nikki Sapp

Nikki Sapp

 Nikki Sapp Spoelstra Meet pretty Nikki Sapp, aka Nikki Spoelstra; she is the drop-dead gorgeous wife of Miami Heat’s coach, Erik Spoelstra. For some time and while they were still dating, the coach managed to keep their relationship private; it …

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Bam Adebayo Mother Mariyln Blount

Mariyln Blount

Mariyln Blount Meet Mariyln Blount; she is the beautiful, loving and caring mother of NBA player Bam Adebayo, the 6’9″ center player currently playing for the Miami Heat. Bam played college basketball at the University of Kentucky prior to being …

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Duncan Robinson Mother Elisabeth Robinson

Elisabeth Robinson

Elisabeth Robinson Have you met Elisabeth Robinson? She is the beautiful mother of NBA player Duncan Robinson, the 6’7″ shooting guard for the Miami Heat. Prior to joining Erik Spolestra‘s team, Duncan played for the NBA G League team the …

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Kelly Olynyk’s Girlfriend Jackie McNulty

Jackie McNulty

Jackie McNulty This stunning young lady is Jackie McNulty; she is the stunning girlfriend of NBA player Kelly Olynyk. Her beau is the Canadian  6’11” center currently plating for the Miami Heat. Kelly who we took notice when he was …

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Hassan Whiteside’s Girlfriend Ashly Ariza

Ashly ariza

Ashly Ariza Meet the lovely and utterly Latina Ashly Ariza; she is the new girlfriend of NBA player Hassan Whiteside, the center player for the Portland Trail Blazers . Whiteside previously played for Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings as well as …

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Jimmy Butler Girlfriend/ Baby Mama Kaitlin Nowak

Kaitlin Nowak,Jimmy Butler Girlfriend,Jimmy Butler Wife

Kaitlin Nowak Meet Kaitlin Nowak! this beautiful brunette came under the radar last August when we heard she was not only dating Jimmy Butler, but also pregnant with the 6’7″ shooting guard’s baby. Butler, as you all know, is currently …

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Alene Olynyk NBA Kelly Olynyk’s Mother

Arlene Olynyk

Arlene Olynyk Meet Mrs. Alene Olynyk; she is the beautiful, loving, and proud mother of NBA player Kelly Olynyk. Her boy is the 7’0” Canadian power forward player for the Boston Celtics. Prior to the NBA, Kelly played college basketball …

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Sherrice Douglas NBA Toney Douglas’ Wife

Sherrice Douglas @fabwags

Sherrice Douglas Sherrice Douglas is the NBA Wag and the pretty wife of Toney Douglas, the NBA point guard with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He also played with the New Orleans Pelicans, the Rockets, Knicks, Warriors, Sacramento Kings and the Miami …

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Candise Zepherin NBA Joe Johnson’s Girlfriend

Candise Zepherin

Candise Zepherin Meet Candise Zepherin, this lovely NBA Wag is the girlfriend and soon to-be wife of Joe Johnson, the NBA wingman who joined the Miami Heat on February 27, 2016, he previously played with the Brooklyn Nets, the Hawks, the Phoenix …

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Adrienne Williams Bosh is Chris Bosh’s Wife (PHOTOS)

  Adrienne Williams is the American professional basketball player Chris Bosh´s wife. Who rapper Lil Wayne said he slept with, Yikes!! 27-year-old Adrienne Williams Bosh  was born on April 17, 1985. She was raised in Indiana where she spent most …

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