Shelby Waddle NFL LaAdrian Waddle’s Wife

Shelby Waddle

Shelby Waddle Meet the lovely Shelby Waddle; wife of NFL player LaAdrian Waddle, the 6’6″ defensive tackle for the New England Patriots. Waddle also played for the Detroit Lions from 2013 to 2015. Prior to the NFL, he played college football …

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Ashley Boccio NFL Chris Hogan’s Wife

Ashley Boccio

Ashley Boccio Ashley Boccio is the beautiful wife of NFL player Chris Hogan, he is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots; he also played with the Dolphins, Giants, Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. Hogan a Jersey native …

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Beth Tibbott NFL James Harrison’s Girlfriend

Beth Tibbott

Beth Tibbott Beth Tibbott is the lovely girlfriend of NFL player, James Harrison. The linebacker playing for the New England Patriots. Harrison also played for the Steelers, Bengals, Ravens and the NFL Europe team, the Rhein Fire. Prior to the …

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