Sloan Young NFL Jacoby Brissett’s Girlfriend

Sloan Young

Sloan Young Sloan Young is the and incredible girlfriend of football player Jacoby Brissett, the NFL quarterback with the Indianapolis Colts. Prior to joining the NFL, he played college football at North Carolina and Florida. In the view that he …

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Jeannie Pederson NFL Doug Pederson’s Wife

Jeannie Pederson

Jeannie Pederson Jeannie Pederson is the loving wife of NFL coach Doug Pederson, head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. During his football player years, Coach Pederson played with the Dolphins, Green Bay, Eagles, Browns and the Green Bay Packers. Jeannie’s …

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Jordan Dalton Andy Dalton’s Wife

Jordan Dalton

Jordan  Dalton Jordan Dalton is the stunning and incredible wife of NFL player Andy Dalton. The 6’2″ quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. He played college football at Texas Christian University before he was drafted by the Bengals. Not going to tell you …

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Dallas Nicole Parks Dak prescott’s New Girlfriend

Dallas Nicole Parks

Dallas Nicole Parks Dallas Nicole Parks is no stranger to NFL fans,not just because she is constantly posting photos of her wearing NFl jerseys, but also because she previously dated troubled football player Johnny Manziel. There is a slight chance …

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Diana Ditka Mike Ditka’s Wife

Diana Ditka

Diana Ditka Diana Ditka is the second wife of Mike Ditka, former football coach now sports commentator. Prior to coaching and commenting was a NFL tight End player as well as college football player at the University of Pittsburgh. For the most …

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