Jared Bednar’s Wife Susan Bednar

Susan Bednar

Susan Bednar Susan Bednar is the loving and supportive wife of NHL coach, Jared Bednar. Her hubby is the current head coach of the Colorado Avalanche. Keep reading to know about Susan Bednar’s biography. Susan Bednar’s hubby born Jared Bednar …

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Jessie Cooper Coach Jon Cooper’s Wife

Jessie Cooper,Jon Cooper wife

Jessie Cooper Meet lovely Jessica A. Cooper, better known as Jessie Cooper, the wife of NHL coach Jon Cooper,  head coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Coach Cooper coached several minor league teams before signing with the Lighting in 2013. …

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James Neal’s Girlfriend Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins Have you seen Melanie Collins?  This gorgeous NHL Wag is the girlfriend of winger for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, James Neal. Neal also played with the Nashville Predators, Pittsburg Penguins and the Dallas Stars prior to that. …

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Danielle Sissons NHl Colton Sissons’ Pretty Sister

Danielle Sissons

Danielle Sissons Meet the lovely Danielle Sissons; she is the stunning sister of NHL player Colton Sissons. Her bro is the Canadian center player for the Nashville Predators. Prior to his NHL debut, Sissons played with the Milwaukee Admirals of …

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Justin Schultz’ Girlfriend Jillian Wickett

Jillian Wickett

 Jillian Wickett Meet Jillian Wickett; this stunning young woman is the lovely girlfriend of Canadian NHL player Justin Schultz. He is a defenseman for the Pittsburg Penguins; prior to that, he played with the Edmonton Oilers and collegiate hockey with …

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Harry Zolnierczyk’s Wife Julianne Zolnierczyk

Julianne Zolnierczyk

Julianne Zolnierczyk It is our honor to introduce you to the gorgeous Julianne Zolnierczyk; she is the wife of NHL player Harry Zolnierczyk. The Canadian 5’11” left winger for the Nashville Predators previously played with the Philadelphia Flyers, the Penguins, …

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Mark Letesdu’s Wife Brett Letesdu

Brett Letesdu

Brett Letesdu Meet Brett Letesdu; she is the beautiful, loving, and caring wife of Canadian NHL player Mark Letesdu.  The 5’11” Alberta native is a center player for the Edmonton Oilers. He also played with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Columbia …

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Craig Anderson’s Wife Nicholle Anderson

Nicholle Anderson

Nicholle Anderson Meet the beautiful Nicholle Anderson; she is the stunning wife of NHL player Craig Anderson, who is currently the goalkeeper for the Ottawa Senators.  He also played with the Florida Panthers, Chicago Blackhawks, and the Colorado Avalanche before …

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Adora Nwakwesi NHL P.K. Subban’s Girlfriend

Adora Nwakwesi NHL P.K. Subban's Girlfriend

Meet Adora Nwakwesi Adora Nwakwesi is the lovely girlfriend of NHL player Pernell Karl “P. K.” Subban. Her boyfriend was born May 13, 1989 in Toronto, ON, CA. The defenceman and an alternate captain for the Montreal Canadiens of the …

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Juulia Manner NHL Leo Komarov’s girlfriend

Juulia Manner NHL Leo Komarov's girlfriend

Meet Juulia Manner Juulia Manner’s boyfriend is NHL player Leo Komarov. Her Estonian-born Finnish–Russian man was born, Leonid Aleksandrovitš Komarov on January 23, 1987 in Narva, EST. His father, Alexander – an Ingrian Finn from Petrozavodsk, Russia – was playing low-level pro …

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