Zach Ertz wife Julie Ertz

Julie Ertz

Meet Julie Ertz, formerly known as Julie Johnson, the soccer player with the Chicago Red Stars and the USA Women’s National Team. In addition to that, Julie is the lovely wife of NFL player Zach Ertz, a tight end with …

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Michael Bradley’s Wife Amanda Barletta Bradley

Amanda Barletta Bradley

 Amanda Barletta Bradley Meet lovely Amanda Barletta Bradley or simply Amanda Bradley; she is the wife of US soccer player Michael Bradley. Her hubby is a midfielder for Toronto FC and the US national team. Amanda might be the perfect …

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Bobby Wood’s Wife Ditte Wood

Bobby wood

Ditte Wood This lovely young gal is 14, formerly known as Ditte Bonde Harup; she is the beautiful wife of the young soccer player Bobby Wood the Hawaiian- Japanese striker for the German soccer team Hannover 96 and the USA …

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Phyllis Arena Bruce Arena’s Wife

Phyllis Arena

Phyllis Arena Phyllis Arena is the loving and supportive wife of the distinguished soccer coach, Bruce Arena. She and her famous hubby have been married for an astounding four decades. Keep reading to know Phyllis Arena’s biography. Phyllis’ husband was …

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Jose Batista USA Allie Long’s Boyfriend

Jose Batista

Jose Batista Jose Batista is the lucky guy dating Allie Long, female soccer player with the USA Soccer Team. Batista a former soccer player at Molloy College is now a midfielder player with Sevilla FC of the United Soccer League …

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