Clyde Drexler’s Wife Tonya Drexler

Tonya Drexler

 Tonya Drexler Meet lovely Mrs. Tonya Drexler! She is the beautiful wife of former NBA player Clyde Drexler; her husband is the 6’7″ former Dream Team member and shooting guard who played for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston …

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Robert Covington’s Girlfriend Kaylee Anderson

Kaylee Anderson

Kaylee Anderson This gorgeous gal is Kaylee Anderson aka Kleeshi on Instagram; she is the longtime girlfriend and baby mama of NBA player Robert Covington, the 6’9″ small forward for the Houston Rockets. Covington who previously played for the Minnesota …

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Charles Rogers’ Girlfriend Naija Washington

Naija Washington

Naija Washington Meet Naija Washington; she was the girlfriend of former NFL player Charles Rogers, the 6’3″ former wide receiver from Saginaw, Michigan who played for the Detroit Lions from 2003 to 2005. Prior to that, Rogers played college football …

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Gregg Williams’ Wife Erin Shannon

Erin Shannon

Erin Shannon Meet Erin Shannon; also know as Erin Williams and Dr. Erin Shannon, this beautiful gal is the lovely wife of NFL coach Gregg Williams, recently named the interim coach for the Cleveland Browns, following Hue Jackson’s firing on October …

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Fernando Muslera’s wife Patricia Callero

Patricia Callero

Patricia Callero This lovely Uruguayan brunette is Patricia Callero; she is the lovely and incredible wife of Uruguayan soccer player Fernando Muslera. Her husband is the  6’3″ goalkeepers for Galatasaray and the Uruguay National team. Muslera also played with Montevideo Wanderers, National …

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Matt Holliday’s Wife Leslee Holliday

Leslee Holliday

Leslee Holliday Meet Leslee Holliday; she is the stunning wife of MLB player Matt Holliday, the designated hitter for the New York Yankees, who also played for the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletica and the Colorado Rockies, prior to joining the …

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DeMarco Murray’s Wife Heidi Mueller

Heidi Mueller

Heidi Mueller Heidi Mueller is not just the stunning wife of DeMarco Murray;  she is also the proud mommy of their two adorable children. What do you know about this  fab NFL Wag? Continue reading and find out more! DeMarco …

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Barry Bonds’ Girlfriend Mari Holden

Mari Holden

Mari Holden Mari  Holden is the longtime girlfriend of former MLB player Barry Bonds. The former left fielder spent almost two decades in the MLB, played with Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants. Bonds initially married Susann “Sun” Margreth …

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Son Timothy Shriver

Timothy Shriver

 Timothy Shriver Meet Timothy Shriver; he is one of the children born to Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargeant Shriver. His amazing mother was the founder and honorary chairperson of Special Olympics and the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Award at the …

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Vanessa Montero MLB Miguel Montero’s Wife

Vanessa Montero

Vanessa Montero Vanessa Montero is the lovely not to mention stunning wife of MLB player Miguel Montero, the amazing Venezuelan catcher with the Chicago Cubs, who previously played with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Prior to the MLB, Miguel played in the …

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Wanda Saunders ESPN John Saunders’ Wife

wanda saunders

Wanda Saunders Wanda Saunders is the loving and beautiful wife of John Saunders. Canadian sports journalist who for 30 years worked at ESPN and ABC; once was play-by-play announcer for the Toronto Raptors. Mr. Saunders died at the age of 61 …

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Ana Sofia Gomes João Moutinho’s Wife

Ana Sofia Gomes

Ana Sofia Gomes Ana Sofia Gomes is the pretty soccer WAG and wife of João Moutinho, the Portuguese midfielder player who currently plays for AS Monaco Football Club and Portugal National Team. Ana Sofia Gomes’ hubby João Moutinho was born …

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Sonia Amoruso: Alessandro Del Piero’s Wife

Sonia Amoruso

Meet Sonia Amoruso, she is the beautiful wife of Italian soccer player Alessandro Del Piero, who currently plays with Delhi Dynamos FC. Alessandro Del Piero iѕ widely regarded bу players, pundits, аnd managers аѕ оnе оf thе greatest Italian players …

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