Sherrill Duesterhaus- Fritz Ostermueller ‘s Daughter

1 - Sherrill Duesterhaus- Fritz Ostermueller 's Daughter

  Alright you collectors of vintage Baseball cards! If you are one of those real fanatics then, the next name might ring a bell: Fritz Ostermueller. He was a pitcher in major league baseball from 1934 to 1948, for the …

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Cathy Fischer- Borussia Mats Hummels’ Girlfriend

1 - Cathy Fischer- Borussia Mats Hummels' Girlfriend

  Cathy Fischer former miss FCB is the girlfriend of Borussia Dortmund and German international defender Mats Julian Hummels. The couple has been dating for a while now, since 2007 when they were only 19 and they moved in together …

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Sarah Williams- Karim Benzema’s Girlfriend

2 - Sarah Williams- Karim Benzema's Girlfriend

When talking about relationships timing is a big deal! If you don’t believe me try asking French striker Karim Mostafa Benzema who first started dating his beautiful girlfriend about 4 years ago but called it quits after a short period …

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Daniela Saurwald- Gonzalo Higuain´s Girlfriend

    Is your favorite Argentine soccer player Gonzalo Higuain? Well mine too! He’s got the cutest face and the cutest girlfriend! The 25 year old who plays as a forwarder for Real Madrid has recently made headlines but this …

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Lena Gercke – Sami Khedira’s Girlfriend

Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke Lena Gercke is the German fashion model who dated Sami Khedira, the dynamic midfielder with “flawless aerial ability” who once played for Real Madrid and honestly also for his great German looks! And she, you just have to take a …

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Thaissa Carvalho- Dani Alves’ Girlfriend

4 - Thaissa Carvalho- Dani Alves' Girlfriend

  Wanting to know a little more about the right defender for FC Barcelona Daniel Alves da Silvas’ hot girl? Her name is Thaissa Carvalho. She’s Brazilian (from Rio) just like Dani. She’s 30 years old; Thaissa was born August …

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Melissa Morales is Jordi Alba’s Girlfriend

The new “El niño” that’s his nickname Jordi Alba has been a new revelation to his team, with an angel face that doesn’t brake a plate he managed to fulfill his childhood dream to play. Although little is known about …

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Carolina Martin Pedro Rodriguez’ Wife

5 - Carolina Martin Pedro Rodriguez' Wife

Carolina Martin Meet Carolina Martin;  the stunning wife of Spanish soccer ace Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma, also known simply as Pedro, the midfielder for Chelsea FC, who many of you saw rose to fame with Barcelona FC. Carolina met boyfriend and father …

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Kathrin Gilch- Manuel Neuer’s Girlfriend

  Sadly for the rest of us Bayern Munich’s number one goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is taken! By his gorgeous girlfriend Kathrin, and actually they have been an item fro quite some time now. Could it be we’ll hear wedding bells …

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Claudia Schattenberg- Philipp Lahm’s Wife

7 - Claudia Schattenberg- Philipp Lahm's Wife

The defender Philipp Lahm has been together with the beautiful ex-Mercedes girl Claudia since 2008; although they met when they were just 16 through mutual friends. They were married on July 14 2010. The player married  Claudia Schattenberg in the …

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Maria Imizcoz- Javi Martinez’ Girlfriend

  I guess when you are 6 foot and 3 inches tall hot star footballer for Bayern Munich might as well get yourself your equal! Super tall, gorgeous Spanish model Maria Imizcoz is central defender Javi Martinez’s girlfriend. The stunning …

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Wahiba Ribery- Franck Ribery’s Wife

8 - Wahiba Ribery- Franck Ribery's Wife

He might not be Bayern”s Player of the Season just yet but has been absolutely critical in a brilliant campaign for Bayern, at least that’s what critics are saying; but we are not  here to talk about on how great …

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Lisa Muller- Thomas Muller’s Wife

    Now talking about the sweetest couples in Bayern Munich this two make top of the list easily. They were married only after two years of being engaged and don’t be fooled for their ages because they seem to …

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MMA Ryan Couture’s Girlfriend Emily Vegas

10 - MMA Ryan Couture's Girlfriend Emily Vegas

UFC lightweight Ryan Couture has fighter genes going on his favor! Son of UFC Hall of Famer and mixed martial arts legend Randy Couture; will put his four-fight win streak on the line against Ultimate Fighter Season 9 winner Ross …

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Karen Cunagin Sypher- Rick Pitino’s Affair!

    Louisville coach Rick Pitino has faced some hard situations some say he is a changed man. From Kevin Ware’s recent leg injury to his extortion case exposed three years ago. Remember? The woman’s name is Karen Cunagin Sypher. …

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