Erin Matson Boyfriend Ben Casparius

Erin Matson Boyfriend Ben Casparius

Meet Ben Casparius! He is a minor league pitcher, drafted by the Dodgers and the Erin Matson’ boyfriend. In case you are not familiar with Erin Matson, let us tell you that she is a former college field hockey player, …

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ESPN Mike Greenberg Wife Stacy Greenberg

Stacy Greenberg

Stacy Greenberg Stacy Greenberg is the stunning wife of ESPN sportscaster, Mike Greenberg. Her husband who is the NY Times best-selling author is perhaps best known for his ESPN Radio show Mike & Mike with Mike Golic. Keep reading to …

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Max Kellerman Wife Erin Manning Kellerman

Erin Kellerman

Meet the lovely and stunning Mrs. Erin Manning Kellerman, also known as Erin Kellerman; she is the amazing wife of sports commentator Max Kellerman; her husband was a host for ESPN’s First Take alongside Stephen A. Smith for five years …

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Brent Seabrook Wife Dayna Marcellus Seabrook

Meet Brent Seabrook’s beautiful wife Dayna Marcellus also known as Dayna Seabrook, her Canadian husband currently playing for the Tampa Bay Lighting, previously played for the Chicago Blackhawks How many Stanley Cups does Brent Seabrook have? Brent Seabrook joined the …

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Elle Duncan’s Husband Omar Abdul Ali

Omar Abdul Ali

Omar Abdul Ali Meet Mr. Omar Abdul Ali; he is the handsome husband of the lovely and talented Elle Duncan. His pretty wife is a sports anchor for ESPN. Before joining ESPN on April 27, 2016, Elle was a reporter, …

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Stephen A. Smith Net Worth

stephen a smith net worth

Stephen A. Smith is the sports commentation, television host on ESPN’s First Take along with Max Kellerman and Molly Querin Rose. Stephen A.  hosts the Stephen A. Smith radio show, is a regular guest on SportsCenter and columnist for the …

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Rich Piana’s Girlfriend Chanel Jansen

chanel Jansen

Chanel Jansen Check out Chanel Jansen; she is the gorgeous head-turning girlfriend of bodybuilder Rich Piana, who was 46, when he died on August 25, 2017, after two weeks in a coma. Piana from Florida admitted he injected his body …

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Jeff Cavaliere Net Worth

JeffCavaliere Net Worth

What is Jeff Cavaliere’s current net worth? the strength coach and physical therapist who has built an empire on YouTube on his channel ATHLEAN-X; he previously worked as a head physical therapist for the New York Mets, how much money …

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Skip Bayless’ Wife Ernestine Sclafani

Ernestine Sclafani

Ernestine Sclafani Ernestine Sclafani is the wife of the longtime reporter for ESPN, Skip Bayless who left ESPN after 14 years to join Fox Sports. ESPN hoped they could reunite Skip and Stephen A.Smith Skip recently, they have remained close …

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Nyjah Huston’s Model Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams This stunning, drop-dead gorgeous blonde is Alexa Adams, an Instagram model, podcast host, and it seems that she has been a friend of Nyjah Huston for several years before they decided to start dating. As you all know, …

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Michelle Beisner Reporter Joe Buck’s Wife

Michelle Beisner-Buck

Michelle Beisner-Buck Michelle Beisner aka Michelle Beisner-Buck is the utterly beautiful and talented wife of Joe Buck, the son of former sportscaster Jack Buck famous for his work announcing games for the St. Louis Cardinals. Joe Buck, a Sports Emmy …

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Dan O’Toole’s Ex-Wife Corrie O’Toole

Corrie O'Toole

Meet Corrie O’Toole Pretty Corrie O’Toole is the ex-wife of sports anchor Dan O’Toole; her Canadian ex-husband is along with Jay Onrair host of TSN’s SportsCentre before leaving in June 2013, when they joined Fox Sports. They, however, returned to …

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Lance Armstrong’s Girlfriend/ Fiancee Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen Anna Hansen, the stunning partner of cancer survivor and disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong. These two have been together since 2008, since then they have welcomed two beautiful children together. Reports say the stunning blonde took the blame for …

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Britt McHenry’s Boyfriend Rob Ferrara

Rob Ferrara

Rob Ferrara Meet Rob Ferrara; this lucky guy is the current boyfriend of sports reporter Britt McHenry, the host of Fox 5’s  WTTG and a commentator for Fox Nation. Prior to that, Britt worked for ESPN. Ms. McHenry the daughter …

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Rowan Baxter’s Wife Hannah Baxter

Hannah Baxter

Hannah Baxter Hannah Baxter was the beautiful wife of former rugby player Rowan Baxter; 42-year-old Rowan a former New Zealand Warrior and former President’s Selection 2005 pre-season team, died along with his family in a horrific quadruple murder-suicide. According to …

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Charissa Thompson’s Boyfriend Kyle Thousand

Kyle Thousand

Kyle Thousand Meet handsome Kyle Thousand; this is the lucky guy dating Charissa Thompson, the talented and gorgeous sports reporter for Fox Sports and former Co-host of ESPN”s SportsNation. Kyle was born on October 2, 1980, in Sioux City, Iowa. …

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Emily Harrington’s Boyfriend Adrian Ballinger

Stacy Greenberg 51 - Emily Harrington's Boyfriend Adrian Ballinger

Adrian Ballinger Adrian Ballinger is the boyfriend of professional rock climber, Emily Harrington -who was recently rescued from a terrifying fall. Adrian’s girlfriend is a world-renowned climber who “took a bad fall” during her latest attempt on the 3,200-foot, almost-sheer …

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Alex Honnold’s Girlfriend Cassandra “Sanni” McCandless

Cassandra "Sanni" McCandless

 Cassandra “Sanni” McCandless Meet Cassandra “Sanni” McCandless! the girlfriend of rock-climber Alex Honnold; who holds the fastest ascent of the Yosemite Park and is the only person to free solo Yosemite’s deadly El Capitan. Honnold appeared in the 2018 documentary …

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