Adora Nwakwesi NHL P.K. Subban’s Girlfriend

Adora Nwakwesi NHL P.K. Subban's Girlfriend

Meet Adora Nwakwesi Adora Nwakwesi is the lovely girlfriend of NHL player Pernell Karl “P. K.” Subban. Her boyfriend was born May 13, 1989 in Toronto, ON, CA. The defenceman and an alternate captain for the Montreal Canadiens of the …

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Juulia Manner NHL Leo Komarov’s girlfriend

Juulia Manner NHL Leo Komarov's girlfriend

Meet Juulia Manner Juulia Manner’s boyfriend is NHL player Leo Komarov. Her Estonian-born Finnish–Russian man was born, Leonid Aleksandrovitš Komarov on January 23, 1987 in Narva, EST. His father, Alexander – an Ingrian Finn from Petrozavodsk, Russia – was playing low-level pro …

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