Meet Markieff Morris’ Wife Thereza Wright Morris

Thereza Wright Morris

Thereza Wright Morris Markieff Morris, an NBA power forward player for Los Angeles Lakers, is dating or married to a lovely gal that FabWags exclusively identified as Thereza Wright Morris aka Reza Wright. Thereza’s stud was born on September 2, …

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Sherry Silvey NBA Scott Brooks’ Wife

Sherry Silvey

Sherry Silvey Sherry Silvey is the loving and supportive wife of NBA coach, Scott Brooks. Her 51-year-old hubby is the current head coach of the Washington Wizards. Keep reading to know Sherry Silvey’s biography. Sherry Silvey’s husband was born Scott …

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Kelli Blue Villanova/ NBA Daniel Ochefu’s Girlfriend

Daniel_Ochefu_girlfriend_Kelli_Blue @fabwags

Kelli Blue Kelli Blue is the stunning girlfriend of Daniel Ochefu, the forward basketball player currently playing for the Villanova Wildcats at Villanova University, Like Ochafu, his girl Kelli Blue also attends Villanova, but keep reading to find out more …

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Lauren Prothe Hilario: NBA Player Nene’s Wife

Lauren Prothe Hilario

Meet Mrs. Lauren Prothe Hilario, this Fab NBA Wag is the loving and caring wife of Nene Hilario aka Nene the Brazilian NBA player who currently plays with the Washington Wizards. Nene bесаmе thе firѕt Brazilian еvеr tо bе selected …

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