Laura Cover 7 Facts about Aaron Boone’s Wife

Laura Cover

Meet Laura Cover aka Laura Boone; she is the former model and the beautiful wife of former MLB player Aaron Boone, who as you probably know by now, is set to become the new manager for the New York Yankees.

We are pretty sure you already know plenty about Boone, therefore, FabWags will tell you seven awesome facts about his better half.

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  • The first thing you must know is that although Laura Boone is the formerly Laura Cover, she was actually born Laura Lee Phillips, on May 6, 1977, in Bucyrus, Ohio.
  • She is the daughter born to Christian parents, Carole and Jerry Thomas Phillips; ages 74 and 76, respectively.
  • As a teenager, she enjoyed playing soccer and practiced gymnastics, but soon after high school, she left her tomboy days behind her.
  • Laura and Aaron Boone met in 2001 and started dating in January 2002; these two eventually tied the knot on November 9, 2002.

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  • They are the proud parents of four beautiful and amazing children; Brandon 11, Bella, 8, and their adopted sons Jeanel, 15, and Sergot, 12.