Matilde Faria Mourinho is Jose Mourinho’s wife (PHOTOS)




Matilde Faria

Matilde Faria is the wife of the former Portuguese soccer player and coach Jose Mourinho, he coached Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Porto, Benfica, and Inter Milan.

As we know Jose Mourinho or commonly known as “The Special One” a title given to him by some players, coaches, and critics as one of the best soccer coaches of all time, and is known by his strong temperament that marks Mourinho between the hated lists in soccer. But now is not about football we’re not going to talk about The Special One either, we’re going to focus on his Special Wife Matilde “Tami” Faria.

52-year-old Matilde Faria met her husband Jose Mourinho, 55, when they were teenagers in a restaurant in Setúbal, Portugal, where she grew up after her family moved from Angola where she was born.

The young couple enjoyed afternoon discos when Faria was just 14 and Mourinho was 17. They sort of change their lifestyle after Matilde Faria became a philosophy student and he a more mature soccer player.

Jose Mourinho wife Matilde


Faria and Mourinho married in 1989; their first child was a girl born in 1996, they named her Matilda. Four years later they had their second child, a son José Mário, Jr.

Affair Rumors

Mourinho dedicated most part of his life in being a good father; he said his family is the center of his life (or at least that is what he said).

Several years ago there was a rumor that he cheated on his wife with another woman identified as Elsa Sousa; the alleged affair started while he lived in Italy; for two years Mourinho introduced Elsa Sousa as his wife.

Elsa Sousa jose Mourinho affair


Pretty soon the rumors from media in Portugal and Spain that Faria’s husband Mourinho was having a special relationship with other women, as well as divorce rumors, were reported by some tabloids.

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Her husband said “Nada” about the alleged affair, instead said the most important thing to him was his family.

“Most important thing is my family and being a good father.”

“I have to do what they want,” Mourinho says. “I have to watch the programs they want to see, the movies they want to go to. Have to go to the wrestling because they enjoy the wrestling.”

Allegedly that wasn’t the first time she came to that unpleasant scenario; Matilde had to deal this kind of rumors about Jose’s women before.

Tabloids stated Tami has been in contact with her lawyers to initiate divorce proceedings.

However, they are still together; and that is a good thing, he will need all the support she can give him now that Manchester United fired him.