Meet Eric Dier’s Girlfriend Maria Hansen

Maria Hansen

Maria Hansen Meet Eric Didier’s gorgeous girlfriend Maria Hansen. Didier is the English midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur as well as the England National Team. 6’2″ Didier started his career with Sporting CP in 2003; subsequently joined Everton on a loan deal …

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Jordan Henderson’s Wife Rebecca Burnett

Rebecca Burnett

Rebecca Burnett This magnificent lady is Rebecca Burnett; she is the beautiful wife of Jordan Henderson,  a midfielder for premier club Liverpool and the England National Team. Henderson is captain of both teams. The 6’0″ Sunderland native, started his career …

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John Stones’ Girlfriend Millie Savage

Millie Savage

Millie Savage Meet the lovely Millie Savage; she is the longtime girlfriend of English soccer player John Stones. Her the 6’2″ stud is a center back for Manchester City and the England Nationa Team. Stones played for Barnsley and Everton prior …

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Kieran Trippier’s Wife Charlotte Trippier

Charlotte Trippier

Charlotte Trippier The lovely Charlotte Trippier is Kieran Trippier’s pretty wife; her stud is the right back player for Tottenham Hotspur and the England National Team. He previously played for Burnley, Barnsley and Machester City. 5’10” Trippier, one of three sons …

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Jordan Pickford’s girlfriend Megan Davison

Megan Davison

Megan Davison Meet Megan Davison; she is the longtime and not to mention beautiful girlfriend of English goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who plays for Everton and the England National Team. Pickford previously played for Sunderland between 2011 and 2017; between those …

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Raheem Sterling’s Girlfriend Paige Milian

Paige Milian

Paige Milian Meet lovely Paige Milian; she is the girlfriend of Jamaican/ English soccer player Raheem Sterling. Sterling is the winger and midfielder for Manchester United and the England National Team. The young player still finds the time to have …

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Fabian Delph’s Wife Natalie Delph

Natalie Delph

Natalie Delph Meet Natalie Delph; she is the loving and gorgeous wife of English soccer player Fabian Delph, the midfielder for Manchester City and the English National team. Fabian started his career with Leeds United in 2006, three years later joined Aston Villa before returning …

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Jamie Vardy’s Wife Rebekah Vardy

Rebekah Becky Nicholson Jamie Vardy's girlfriend

Rebekah Vardy This lovely lady is Rebekah Vardy; she is the gorgeous wife of English soccer player, Jamie Vardy, the 5’10” striker for Leicester City and the English National Team. Rebekah, formerly known as Rebekah Nicholson was born on February 17, …

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Kyle Walker’s Girlfriend Annie Kilner

Annie Kilner

Annie Kilner Annie Kilner is the girlfriend of English soccer player Kyle walker; her stud is a center-right back player for Manchester City and the England National Team. He previously played for Aston Villa, Queens Park Rangers, Sheffield United and …

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3 Facts About Dele Alli’s girlfriend Ruby Mae

Ruby Mae

Ruby Mae Check out Ruby Mae; the young and insanely girlfriend of Dele Alli, the talented 6’2″ midfielder for Tottenham and the England National Team. Dele was 11, when he joined City Colts in 2007, that same year he joined …

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Gareth Southgate’s Wife Alison Southgate

Alison Southgate

Alison Southgate Meet Alison Southgate; she is the wife of former English midfielder and current manager for the England National Team Gareth Southgate. Prior to managing, Gareth played for Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough. He also played from the National …

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Sheila Hodgson England Roy Hodgson’s Wife

Sheila Hodgson

Sheila Hodgson Sheila Hodgson is the lovely and gorgeous wife of Roy Hodgson, former soccer player and the talented soccer manager of the England National Team. Coach Roy Hodgson, was appointed manager of the England National team in 2012, before that …

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