Carolina Dantas is Neymar’s’ Ex Girlfriend Baby Mama

carolina dantas Neymar girlfriend baby mama pic


carolina dantas Neymar girlfriend baby mama-picture

As Barcelona FC prepares to welcome Brizilian star Neymar into their squad the world awaits the arrival of a new Barca WAG into their city, Neymar’s girlfriend and pretty baby mama is Carolina Dantas

21-year-old Brazilian player Neymar whose full name is Neymar DaSilva Santos Junior has become famous not just because of his flamboyant hairstyles but for his outstanding performance in  the field. The young forward has been laying with Brazil’s soccer team Santos since 2009, having spotted him when he was just 13 and signing him into their squad in 2003, reason for that was that Santos didn’t allowed Real Madrid to signed him in even thought Neymar passed the trial in 2004.

It is until this year that Neymar’s dreams of joining a Spanish team will come true as Barcelona FC came to an agreement on a five-year contract with Santos on May 27th, 2013.

Ok, now that we know a few things about Neymar what is there about his girlfriend Carolina?

carolina dantas Neymar girlfriend baby mama-pic

Pretty Rainha Carolina Nogueira Dantas, 19, a stunning Brazilian blonde beauty with gorgeous blue eyes from Santos, Brazil has been dating Neymar for a couple of years. She gave birth to her and Neymar’s adorable son David Lucca Da Silva Santos on August 28th, 2011 Caro Dantas born on October 21, 1993, she graduated in 2011 from the Colegio Adventista de Santos and is currently attending at the AEON Vestibulares.

According to media Carolina’s identity has been mistaken repeatedly with Fernanda Barroso, who might or might not have dated Neymar some time ago, pictures of her pregnant on Facebook were also said to be with Neymar’s baby, but the truth is that Fernanda is dating someone else who is the father of her baby.

It seems that Carolina Dantas and her baby daddy are no longer together as he has been seen with Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine.

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  1. natalia says

    she’s not his girlfriend, neither his ex. they have never been in a relationship, and they were barely friends.

  2. Tiagurl34 says

    Well how can Carolina and Neymar not be in a relationship?!if they weren’t Neymar wouldn’t have that baby so people r just making up their own stuff!

  3. Srijeeta Pal says

    I don’t know who is Carolina or Bruna or Gabriella or Fernando!!!i just love u Neymar.i love ur EVERYTHING.I LOVE U !!

  4. shaheen saib says

    Neymar you are dating with whom????? I am you fan. I really love you. Wish that once i meet you and your adorable baby david lucca. The girl who will be your wife will be very very lucky. Neymar you are handsome, sexy, best player, rich, good father and you are perfect. I love you.

  5. Nidhi says

    Neymar is the best father ever!! He is soo concerned and worried towards his son David…and bruna is also appearing to be a responsible david is quite lucky to have both of them..

  6. says

    you all dont have a clue about what you are talking about because i am the real carolina dantas i got pregnant 17 years old and me and neymar were friends for a while and then before my little cutie was even in existance me and neymar became more than friends and then while i was pregnant he was like a bully…. and then when my little cutie was born i got sick and tired of neymar because he was hooking up with alot of girls so stop saying stuff that isnt true because i was there when it happend and then the night i got pregnant i felt like i was gonna throw up and yes i love him but not like in a relationship though…..


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