Bernadien Eillert- Robben is Arjen Robben’s Wife



Dutch footballer who plays for Bayer Munich and beautiful wife make one of the sweetest couples!

Bernadien Eillert made her dreams come true when on June 9th 2007 she joined her life to high school love Arjen Robben in Groningen.


The two met while in high school in the city, at the Kamerlingh Onnes in 2000 and seven years later they took that leap of faith at ¨forever¨, the couple have two sons, Luka born in 2008 and Kai born 2012 and a daughter, Lynn born in 2010.


The couple´s story when they first met is actually very sweet; Arjen who was super determined since his teen years according to his former youth couch Baren Beltman was one day swept away by Bernadien.

One day the impossible happened! Robben who was never late showed up 15 minutes past the start of his practice; Beltman recalls

I asked him what was going on. “We were at the market square, having fun”, he said. There were some girls with him and his friends, so I asked, “Was she worth it?” “Yes, trainer, she was”, he told me. I told him to get his gear and join the training session.

A few years later the girl whom the player met that day became his wife and mother of his children! I guess she was worth it after all!

Looking absolutely stunning and happier than ever they got married at he northern city of Stadsschouwburg in Groningen in front of the City’s mayor Wallace.

Pacey, quick and creative, Robben is always a threat but when it comes to his wife and family he just melts! On the day of their wedding to make it even more fairytale style a flock of white doves were released! How romantic isn’t it!


According to her Facebook profile the wife and mother of three works for Fondation ‘Stichting Aktie Benin’ (FSAB).


You can see the beautiful blond on Facebook here.


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