Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz Mother

Meet Mrs. Virginia Alcaraz! She is the beautiful, caring, and proud mother of Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, the young professional player who became the youngest competing at the US Open in 2022 after he reached the quarterfinals following his win over Marin Cilic in five sets. At the age of 19, he won his first Grand Slam when he defeated Casper Ruud in four sets at the US Open on September 11, 2022.

Carlos Alcaraz Ranking

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia reached his ranking singles career ranking of world number 4 on August 5, 2022.  If he defeats Italian tennis player Jannik Sinner, he will reach ATP World Number 1, although that ranking is also pursued by Casper Ruud. Alcaraz currently holds 5035 points, while Rudd has 4685 points.

On September 8, 2022, after a five-hour match, Carlos Alcaraz climbed to number 1 in the ranking after defeating Jannik Sinner, 6-3, 6-7, 6-7, 7-5, 6-3.

Carlos Alcaraz Coach

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 1 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz’s current coach is retired Spanish tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero, 42, the former World Number 1 (September 8, 2003), who won the French Open in 2003 has been working with Alcaraz since 2019; together, they have won four titles, which includes two 4 Masters 1000 titles, the first at the Madrid Open in 2021, against Adrian Mannarino and the second at the 2022 Miami Open against Casper Rudd.

Carlos Alcaraz and his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero train at Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy in Alicante,l Spain where Ferrero lives with his wife Eva Alonso and their daughter Vega.

Carlos Alcaraz Age, Height and Weight

Carlos Alcaraz is 19 years old; he was born on May 5, 2003, in Murcia, Spain. He stands at 6’3 and weighs 72 kg.

  • Age 20.
  • DOB May 5, 2003.
  • Weight 6’0, 1.83 m.
  • Height 72 kg., 158 lb.
  • Hometown Murcia, Spain

Carlos Alcaraz Net Worth

As of 2023, Carlos Alcaraz has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Carlitos Alcaraz’s net worth was estimated at $6 million in 2022.

Carlos Alcaraz Endorsements

Carlos Alcaraz has endorsement deals with Rolex, Nike, and Babolat.

Carlos Alcaraz FamilyCarlos Alcaraz Mother 1 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is one of four children born to Virginia and Carlos Alcaraz the former director at the Real Sociedad Club de Campo, where Carlos started playing tennis. Carlos brothers are Alvaro, Sergio and Jaime Alcaraz.

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 2 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

All three Carlos Alcaraz’ brothers Jaime, 10, Sergio, 12, and Alvaro, 21, play tennis.

Carlos’ dad Mr. Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez, 50,  has been a tennis trainer since he was 28; when he was younger, he dreamt of becoming a tennis player; Unfortunately, their economic status at home was not optimal and he never had the chance to become a pro.

“Cuando Carlos tenia 14 anos me ofrecieron enviarlo a la Academia de Tenis Brugera been Barcelona pero no pude poiorque tenia queue pagar 80,000 peseras y yo solo ganaba 60,00. Pedian 40,000  en formation y otras 40,00 para la pension, y yo no poddia darle lo queue necesitaba, y se tuvo quee quedar en Murcia dando tumbos en tren para jugar en Valencia, Madrid, mi hijo fue subcampeon de Espana”

“When Carlos was 14, they offered me to send him to the Bruguera Tennis Academy in Barcelona, but I couldn’t because I had to pay 80,000 pesetas, and I only earned 60,000.  They asked for 40,000 for his training and another 40 for his expenses, and I couldn’t give him what he needed. He had to stay and travel to his matches by train in Murcia to Valencia and Madrid, my son was runner-up in Spain.” Carlos’ grandfather told El Espanol.

Carlos Alcaraz Mother

Virginia Garfia also known as Virginia Alcaraz, is first and foremost a wife and mother; little is known about her, but she hardly misses one of her son’s games, even though, for her is not really her cup of tea.

Virginia Alcaraz Garfia

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 3 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz’ mother is Virginia Garfia, still has a hard time watching Carlos’ matches, even though her husband was involved in tennis when they were dating and all of her sons play tennis.

“Trato de llevar la situación de la manera más normal posible y lo cierto es que de tenis hablo poco con él, pero lo paso muy mal cuando lo veo jugar y asumo que es algo a lo que tengo que acostumbrarme”

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 4 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

“I try to deal with the situation in the most normal way possible and the truth is that I speak little with him about tennis, but I have a very bad time when I see him play and I assume that it is something I have to get used to.”

Carlos Alcaraz Girlfriend

It’s been nearly two years since Carlos Alcaraz broke up with his girlfriend María González Giménez.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 5 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz most recent GF was Maria Gonzalez Gimenez, who he has known since they were children. Maria is also a tennis player from Murcia, Spain, who plays at Real Murcia Club and studies Bilingual Law in Murcia.

carlos alcaraz girlfriend Maria Gimenez

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 6 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz Mother 7 - Carlos Alcaraz Mother Virginia Alcaraz


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