Cecilie Hornbaek Kasper Dolberg’s Girlfriend

Cecilie Hornbaek

Meet the lovely Ms. Cecilie Hornbæk Bruun; she is the beautiful girlfriend of young soccer player Kasper Dolberg. The Danish 6’1 striker currently plays for Ajax as well as Denmark National Team. Prior to joining Ajax in January 2015, Kasper played with Silkeborg IF and GFG Voel before that.

But first and foremost, you want to know his lovely lady, so without any further ado, meet Cecilie!

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A native of Ronde, Denmark, Cecilie, 20, will graduate with a degree in marketing from Silkeborg Business College in June, this year. She worked as a waitress at Fort Osterlund in 2013; after that she was a sales assistant at Companys and subsequently at Villa Silkeborg, more recently Ms. Hornbaek Bruun is working at a home care in Silkeborg, Denmark.

She is the eldest daughter of Ann Hornbaek Bruun, her younger sister is Emilie.Cecilia and Kasper started dating on November 18, 2016.

Cecilie HornbaekPin

In addition to her job and studies, Cecilie writes on her blog, which you can check out here