David Price’s Wife Tiffany Price

Tiffany Price

Meet the beautiful Tiffany Price formerly known as Tiffany Nicole Smith; she is the pretty wife of MLB player David Price,  the pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Price previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays & the Detroit Tigers.



No doubt you all know Price’s story, therefore allow us to tell what we know about Mrs. Price, starting from when she was the longtime girlfriend.

You should know that David and our girl Tiffany dated for way too long.

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31-year-old Tiffany Nicole graduated from Kansas State. She made the headlines over a year ago when she went off on Fenway fans.

She did not apologize for her comment like Price did and instead during Boston’s game 2, Nicole went to Twitter to announce to the world just how awful everyone from Boston truly is saying:

@MsKansasState: Convinced that there must be a written rule that in order to be a Red Sox fan, you have to be a complete and utter POS. Wow!. – 5:55PM, October 4. 2013

@MsKansasState:: Wow he pimped the out of that homerun. #KeepItClassyBoston – 8:37 PM October 5, 2013



Other than her Twitter meltdown, Nicole is a lovely looking gal. On Twitter, she writes about herself

K-State grad… Big city smart. Small town friendly. Mother to two barking boys who are nothing less ? than perfect.

Tiffany Nicole is truly smitten with her dogs; she has posted more than a few pics of the odd pair, so is safe to say she is an animal person. The HuffPost reported Tiffany’s man is giving away some free and unsolicited advice during the holidays, tweeting a rather “what were you thinking” comment

Everyone thats traveling for thanksgiving please be careful! Driving conditions will be rough with these storms! Ladies..let ur man drive!

Moving forward….

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You can call Tiffany Nicole Smith officially Mrs. Price. She and her man tied the knot sometime in 2016; not long after they exchanged vows, we heard they were also expecting their first child together.

The pair tried to keep the joyous news under wraps but Twitter photos from the happy mom to be, reveal that Tiffany Price and her husband are currently pregnant. Let’s look at the proof.

On December 2016, Tiffany posted a Twitter image from her wedding, with the caption

Still waiting on pics from the photographer…but my girl Neely has me covered


Tiffany Nicole Smith


Then, on January 12th, she revealed her pregnancy with the photo below, saying

Completely unintentional shot of me admiring my growing little man Only @raysantana could make it look this beautiful

Tiffany Nicole Smith Pin


Their adorable little man, Xavier Taylor came into their lives on May 17, 2017, in Massachusetts.

Tiffany Nicole Smith


You can follow her on Twitter here.