Jordan Robbins Ethan Happ’s girlfriend

Jordan Robbins

Meet Jordan Robbins; a talented volleyball player with the Wisconsin Badgers. She also happens to be the stunning girlfriend of Ethan Haps a forward basketball player at the University of Wisconsin. 

Surely you all know about Ethan; but hardly anything about his girl, therefore, check these five facts about Hap’s GF Jordan.

 5’11 Jordan Lindsey Robbins was born on April 29, 1995, in Ridgewood, N.J.

Her parents are Michelle and Barry Robbins.

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She is the oldest of three children; siblings are Jake and Jamie. Her sister plays volleyball at UCLA.

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Robin graduated from La Costa Canyon High School in California in 2013.

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 Ms. Robbins attended at UCLA her freshman and sophomore year of college. She transferred to the University of Wisconsin in 2015.

She is pursuing a major in life sciences communication.