Kristi Stalter: NFL player Clay Matthews’ Girlfriend

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This lovely blonde is Ms. Kristi Stalter you think of her as fashion blogger/ second grade teacher and the girlfriend of Clay Matthews the NFL linebacker with the Green Bay Packers. would you like to meet her?

Kristi Stalter Clay Matthews girlfriendPin

24-year-old Kristi A. Stalter is the fashion blogger at All 5 Things, she aid she doesn’t consider herself a writer or a fashion expert whatsoever so her blog is not really about fashion advice but rather about things that Kristi finds inspiring and that made her appreciate her own sense of style.

Kristi Stalter, grew up in Bloomington, Indiana where she went to college, she is a second grade teacher at Stevenson Elementary  School, who loves pancakes, cats and the warm weather, which is why she would love to live in Florida.

Ms. Stalter attended Bent School Bent School and University High before she  transferred to college in Goshen, Indiana she holds a major in elementary education and special education.

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