Maria Imizcoz- Javi Martinez’ Girlfriend


I guess when you are 6 foot and 3 inches tall hot star footballer for Bayern Munich might as well get yourself your equal! Super tall, gorgeous Spanish model Maria Imizcoz is central defender Javi Martinez’s girlfriend. The stunning young girl is 6 foot tall, has brown eyes, long healthy beautiful natural darkblonde hair, is a size six, waist 24 …translation? A stunning figure!

She made headlines when in a recent survey run by ‘Bild’, which is the most widely circulated newspaper in Europe; was voted the hottest WAG in the Bundesliga by readers! Do you agree?


Maria who is known to be the footballers girl has also attracted the Spanish media with only 21 years old for being addicted to twitter and her blogging fashion tips! Her blog is called “Depasarelaenpasarela” or from runway to runway and she has another one in, instyle.



The fashion blogger recently originally from Pamplona Spain recently finished her international management assistant studies and her biggest interests are fashion, model and photography. She works for the European agency Louisa Models and currently lives in Pamplona, Spain.

They sure make one sizzling couple! You can follow her on twitter here.